Friday, June 10, 2011

Stoner for life...

Right now, I am missing my firstborn's first ever school play. I'm trying not to cry about it. I am in bed writhing in pain from kidney stones. Or in the bathroom throwing up from the kidney stone/pain killer meds combination. {Right now I'm hoping that writing distracts me enough that I won't go running to the toilet...}*
I had my first kidney stone when I was pregnant with Lincoln. I woke up in the night with such severe pain in my back I thought I was dying. I started throwing up. I called my midwife who sent me to the ER. After quite a few doses of pain medication and some anti-nausea meds...relief. This happened a few times throughout each of my pregnancies and once in between pregnancies. I began to hate going to the ER for it. I would wait for hours before they even took me back to a room and gave me any drugs {and we have a tiny ER...not sure what the wait is always about - the waiting room is empty!}. While pregnant, there wasn't a whole lot they could do for me or give me {no narcotics for the pregnant lady}. About a year ago, shortly after Levi was born and a recent bout with stones, I had an appointment with a urologist who informed me I was a patient for life. I would get kidney stones for the rest of my life. {Awesome}. According to my most recent CAT scan, I had stones in both kidneys, ready to make appearances at the most inconvenient times. I had the choice of getting them blasted out - but at that point, I did not want one more procedure/appointment. I had a breast-feeding newborn and was having a difficult recovery...I didn't really feel like throwing surgery into the mix. So I was handed a prescription of narcotics and told to call when I needed more. I had had most of my stones during pregnancies, so I was hoping that because I wasn't pregnant anymore {or going to be again}, maybe I'd be safe. And having the bottle of drugs would act like a good luck charm. Last month proved me wrong. I had movement. This time though, I had drugs and could stay home...basking in la-la land in my own bed. {Only problem is, the meds make me pukey. Very pukey. As do the stones, so I pretty much lose either way}.
The next line of reasoning I tried was that I was going to pass a stone once a year. So that was my once a year stone. Cut to this week. This is the worst stone experience yet. I've been struggling since Tuesday night. Today has been horrible. I'm going in for another CAT scan early next week to see what's going on. If I don't pass the stone on my own, I'll be going in for surgery. At this point, I'll take relief however I can get it. I feel like I'm pregnant again. Constant throwing up. Forcing myself to try to eat so that I can take meds without throwing them up. Not being able to get out of bed. And missing out on life.
My baby sister is home for the very last time before moving across the country. My brother came home. I'm worried I won't really get to see either of them. Lincoln's birthday party was supposed to be tomorrow - that got cancelled. I haven't even seen Fabs yet since she's been home from the hospital.
Pray that I pass this quickly. And that I "catch" it {I have to strain my pee in hopes of getting the stone}. If they have one, they can figure out exactly what kind of stones I have and figure out a better prevention plan.
Sorry for such a whiny post. I know I have way more to be grateful for than to complain about.

*Update: the writing did not do the trick. My toast and smoothie made an appearance. Blah.


  1. oh my goodness, this sounds just awful! i hope things get better for you soon! xo

  2. boo! :/ sorry to hear. praying that you're better quick.

  3. Oh,Manda,
    I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble. Will be praying for you! Are you feeling any better today??


  4. oh that sounds awful :( hoping you get relief soon...

  5. oh mand, :( unfortunately, your story is all too familiar - only for me from the caregiver side. i hope and pray they figure your stones out soon!! also - if you're in need of a good doctor i might know a couple names in buffalo. and lemon water seems to help a bit.



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