Monday, June 20, 2011

Penny Thoughts

Ahh...I feel like life is starting to be a bit less crazy. Work is back to normal hours. Birthday madness is almost done. Lincoln graduated from preschool today. Soccer is almost done. I think I'm finally healthy {knock on wood}. Here's to hoping there are some lazy days of summer ahead.

Kidney stone update: I had a CAT scan done last week. I still have one stone left in my right kidney but it isn't bothering me so we're leaving it be for now. I may have gotten a part of a stone for them to send off to the lab. I was a little embarrassed to take this in because I'm not sure it was a stone. ??? It's so super tiny. But I'm thinking what else would it be? Who knows what I be peeing out! {However it does not embarrass me one bit to share all this with the world wide web? Go figure...}

I'm weird about clothes. The other day I put on a bright green shirt but then wondered if I should wear it because maybe it looked like Christmas. Lincoln even asked at breakfast that morning when it would be Christmas time again and I was all paranoid that he only thought of Christmas because of my shirt {turns out he's just wondering when he can get more presents since his birthday is over...}. But then at lunch time I realized I had bright green sunglasses that matched perfectly so I felt better about my shirt. I also have bizarre thoughts on me wearing sneakers...

Throughout my childhood {um, how old does that phrase make me seem?}, I can remember my mom going through long periods of time not wearing her wedding & engagement rings. Her finger would get itchy red bumps under the rings. Fast forward to me today and I can't wear my rings because they give me itchy red bumps!!! What is the deal peeps?! I just want to wear my rings again and quit being a floozie as my big sister calls me when she sees me out and about without my rings on...

How horrible is it that I keep checking the weather every half hour to see if it's going to be raining this evening in hopes of soccer being cancelled? It's not that bad taking Linc, it's just one more thing to do.

I just want to get in bed and read a book and take a nap. I'm sooo tired. And tired of going, going, going. But I have so much stuff to do. And I shouldn't be blogging. Or editing pictures {which is what I'll probably do next}. Or napping. Be productive Manda, be productive! No! {That was a blogging conversation with myself. Nerd. Get off the computer!}

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  1. ha!

    i get red itchy bumps when i wear a necklace in the heat. and basically by any jewelry that isn't silver or hypoallergenic. if you're wearing gold, maybe that's it??

    and YAY for catching a stone - those buggers really are TINY. like smaller than grains of sand tiny sometimes. yow. hope they can get some results for you!

  2. LOL - I LOVE the word "floozie"! Whenever our old principal would get on the topic of why our little Christian school is so much better than public schools, inevitably he would mention how girls at public schools dress like floozies. Ha!

    One of my girl friends also gets the bumps - she has a white gold ring.

  3. this post made me laugh... i too have been secretly hoping for rain so my sons swim lessons would be cancelled! i don't feel quite so guilty now knowing i'm not the only one! thanks!



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