Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Penny Thoughts

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! My work conferences are over!!!!! *sigh* Maybe now I can start posting more regularly. And I'm so excited to start "playing shop" again. Poor little Mooies has been so neglected.

Hooray, hooray - little Miss Fabs is home from the hospital {as of Monday}!!!!! I'm so thankful that my big seester is back home and that her baby girl is doing great!!

This is sooo gross:
I hate heat. My body does not know how to cool itself and I can't function when it's this warm. Are any of you lucky enough to have central air? I grew up with it {spoiled} and now I think it's a necessity. It's on my "when I win the lottery list"...

While we're on the a/c topic - the a/c in my van broke last week! Whaaat?! Today it's in the shop getting fixed. [Please don't be too expensive!] I had to walk Linc {with the other two in tow} to school was actually fun, I need to do it more often - I say now that school is almost over...

And there are two cute little boys clamoring for my attention right now, so that's all the randomness I have time for.

{time to get your vote on...two clicks. thank you, thank you!}


  1. Hey, Manda,
    I totally agree with the way you feel about heat. Ugh. We do not have central air, but we were able to spend this afternoon at my mom's - and she does! Yay! AND, alas, our van's A/C also does not appear to be working this year. It is really rough. Will have to wait until Dave get's home from his work trip to get it checked out. Double ugh.

    By the way, glad what I wrote helped you!


  2. The thermometer in my supercool minivan said 105 today. I stabbed it.



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