Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nautical Birthday Party

For Levi’s first birthday, we threw a nautical theme party. I was inspired to throw a nautical party by the cute vintage sailor outfit that I found to sell at Mooies that happened to fit Levi {and I knew Fabs had a cute sailor dress to wear}!
I actually was really stressing about getting this party together because two days before the party was one of my work conferences {which left me with no time to do anything but work; and only two days to get everything ready!}. Michael came through for me and found so many things to use for decorations {like the lobster trap we just happened to have sitting in our garage….um, okay}. He also made lots of paper boats for me {which I didn’t really get any good pictures of}. And of course provided lots of childcare so I could bake my heart out. Love that guy!

{It was a very rainy, dreary day – so I had to take things out to the porch to get decent pictures, so that’s why there is the fence-bench background in so many pictures. And again - loads of pictures in the post, so settle in!}

::Mini wooden blocks from Michaels….hooray – Levi is one! {We made it through the first year!}
::My little sailor {I actually took this picture a few days before the party and I’m so glad I did as it turned out to be such a rainy day}
::Paper boats my Michael made, paper is from Michaels - K&Company Julianne Designer Mat Pad
::Vintage fishing reel and lures | Décor Michael found around our house: vintage lobster trap, ship painting, chalkboard blocks he drew on
::Faux-nautical banner I made {see above for paper source} and Martha Stewart eyelet paper lanterns {from Michaels}
::The dessert table {my Grampa’s Navy hat is on the window sill. He wore it and didn’t even realize it was a nautical theme party!}
::Vanilla cake with flags | Levi’s mini cake
::Red velvet & vanilla cupcakes with sail and flag toppers. Liners are from HeyYoYo {one of my fav Etsy shops…I’ll take one of everything please!}.
::Had to have some seafood! {See the little paper boat sitting next to the shrimp?}
::Rye boat dip {one of my fav appetizers}
::My mom made melon boats
::Rice Krispies sailboats
::Pirates booty {really white trash mix, but pirates booty sounds better}, red & white bags from HeyYoYo | My dad made salami & cheese boats – how cute!
::Nautical snacks for the party were: swedish fish, goldfish, salt water taffy and life savers!
::Craig with the vintage picture viewer {nautical pictures were set out with the picture viewer}
::Lighting the sparkler – Levi looks so ready for this {and I love Grams peaking in the background!} | Levi handled the sparkler much better than Malacai did. {Tip for those that want to use a sparkler: I always use a cupcake that I can throw out – the sparkler leaves lots of black powder all over. So don’t put it on your cake that you want everyone to eat. Also, be careful what’s underneath the cupcake/cake - black powder can get on that too [plate/tablecloth] }
::Levi’s mini smash cake – that he didn’t want to smash. He was so timid with his cake; he would just gently stick his finger in the frosting…such a polite little man.
::Levi was excited to get home-made applesauce from great-grandma {Notice the anchor tattoo on Levi’s chest? What a manly sailor!} | Drinks were served in canning jars with paper straws from HeyYoYo.
::I ordered anchor temporary tattoos from I think the boys still have theirs on…they love them!
::Cute baby sailors in their vintage nautical outfits

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  1. Cutest birthday party! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves tremendously :)

  2. the first thing i noticed in these pictures was that the boys all had sailor tats! hilarious!

  3. ..i had to scroll up to see gramps hat, love it!
    ..don't know if i told you how much i love that banner, so cute. those tats! [i never put my tat on...what kind of party-er am i?!]
    ..i love my weebs.

  4. WOW! I love this! I've never done a theme for our parties but if I was going to do one this would be had so many cute ideas!

  5. finally! haha.
    that picture of you & weebs with his mini cake is really cute.
    and levi looks huge next to fabs!

  6. for having such a short amount of time you sure did an awesome job! the food and decorations look fabulous!

  7. cutest bday party ever!!

  8. Love those tats! : ) I, too, think a first birthday is just as much about parental survival, as celebrating the kiddo!!

  9. Thanks for sharing this information on nautical birthday party. Couple of months ago, I arranged my cousin’s birthday party at one of graceful Seattle venues. Decorated venue with different color and shapes of balloons and had an excellent party.



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