Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

I love garage sale season!! Here in WNY we get about four good months of garage sales. I always dream about what it would be like to live somewhere warm where garage sales could happen year round. I don't get to nearly as many as I would like to because it is just hard with little ones. And estate sales, pretty much off limits unless you get a sitter.

I found these pretties Memorial Weekend.

Cute little pin cushion that had two vintage diaper pins stuck in it!

A nice vintage hand mirror.

Vintage record player - unbelievable score for me! It was on my list and it was exactly what I wanted: vintage, small, in a case.

Total spent: $1.75. Sweet!

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  1. oh i love great garage sale finds! good job. :)

  2. score! also, convenient as your seester has been on the lookout for a pincushion...



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