Monday, May 30, 2011

I love it when...

It's a little too quiet in the next room where your baby is hanging out by himself, so you get up to check out the mischief that surely is going on, only to discover little pipper is sitting quietly reading books!!

I also love my little pipper in vintage shorts:

I hate it when you're supposed to be looking up a recipe online for dinner only to look at the clock and realize you just spent the last hour looking at blogs and haven't even clicked on AllRecipes yet!!

{how about a little vote? two clicks}


  1. heheeh, too funny. my little guy was doing the same thing today. too quiet and then i thought, "hmm, what is he up too?" i peered into the other room and he had a book in his lap. the little loves just want to read...hehehe!!!

  2. i love your little pipper in vintage shorts also!

  3. haha. weebs is so handsome!

  4. i love that you call him pipper. that's fantastic.

  5. Ha! Those shorts remind me of Magnum P.I. I suppose that dates me. (Do you even know about that show?)


  6. Haa...yes Steph, I definitely know the show Magnum P.I. It was one of my dad's favs!



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