Friday, May 20, 2011


Things have been a little crazy around here:

-celebrating birthdays
-throwing parties
-passing kidney stones {percocet = my friend}
-being a soccer mom {Linc started soccer - too cute!}

This month is absolute madness for my job - we have two big conferences in a months time which means so much work. My family also has a gazillion birthdays within a two month period and we also get to throw mother's day and father's day in there too - along with the work conferences - nice! {Before I was preggers with Levi I made the declaration that no one in our family could have babies in May or June...a few months later I was eating my words! Oops!}

Here's what our family calendar looks like:

April 23 - Justin
May 4 - Craig
May 5 - Dad
May 8 - Mother's Day
May 11 - Marla
May 13 - work conference
May 19 - Levi
May 26 - Fab's surgery
June 1 - Mom
June 4 - Mike
June 5&6 - work conference
June 10 - Lyx & Andy moving to Cali {waaaa!!}
June 12 - Mom & Dad anniversary
June 13 - Lincoln
June 19 - Father's Day
June 24 - Caitlin
June 25 - Kailey

And breathe....

So pardon my lack of posting. I'm working on Levi's birth story {er, should have had that done yesterday!} and we had a super cute nautical themed party for Levi last Sunday. So hope to have something more exciting up soon...

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