Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Brother

First is the worst
{eh, sorry Mar, it's just the way the rhyme goes...}

Second is the best
{it's the rhyme...I'm just sayin'...}

Third is the dude with the hairy chest
{for schizzle...}

28 years ago you took my position as "baby". But two short years later, the title was snatched from you. So there. Now you know how it feels.

Happy Craigers Day!! I love you little brother!
{And he still has those gorgeous big eyes...}

And a little shout out from your nephs:

{can you vote for me please? yes, even you birthday boy! two clicks}


  1. haaaaaa! say sumfin levi, say a noise...thank you! looooove it. and when i think of a really cool comeback, i'll let you know...

  2. Two things, Love how while the two superheros are waiting for Webi to talk they get in save the world stance and I never realized how much Linc talks like Charlie Brown! My boys.

  3. hah. lub! thanks lil guys for the cutest bday wishes ever!

  4. LOL - love levi's screech & lincoln's "thank you"! amazing.



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