Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father...
James 1:17

1. Creamer. International Delight French Vanilla to be exact. Sometimes I think I should put my big girl pants on and start drinking my coffee with Half & Half or just black. But...I just don't want to. I love this stuff. So there.

2. Fresh baked bread. From the local bakery, Greg'ry's.

3. My grocery store - Wegmans. Do you remember hearing how Alec Baldwin's momma didn't want to move because she didn't want to leave her beloved Wegmans? I think I could be besties with his momma. I feel the same way.

4. The woman working in the deli department. We shopped earlier today and she gave the boys a slice of cheese to munch on while we shopped.

5. 4:30. This is the approximate time my love arrives home from work.

6. Cheese.'s just so yummy. Today I decided to do a taste test between your basic sharp cheddar that you get from the dairy shop - not the super yummy kind from the cheese shop. {I did Cabot, Heluva and Wegmans brand. First choice - Cabot. Second - Wegmans. Third - Heluva}. I am a nerd. I love doing taste tests!! I can't wait till my Michael is home and I can have him do the test!

7. These sweet little cheekies that I get to munch on.

8. My white handled paring knife. I had to chop some vegetables earlier and I did not use my white handled knife. It was in the dishwasher. I missed it.

9. That my stitches are out! Woot!! I can now go for walks!

10. Being twinners with this little ladycakes {as her momma likes to call her}.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. your hair is getting long! looks pretty!!

  2. p.s. you drink all the flavored creamer you want. and i'll sit beside you and drink peppermint mocha or creme brulee!!

  3. my choices for the taste test were exactly opposite of that. plain jane.

    i love that picture of you and miss fabs!

  4. ..your pics look fantastic!'ve been getting a lot of bulleted comments from me lately.
    ..that means i love you lots.
    ..must be i got my big girl pants out...i've been using half & half and raw sugar lately.
    ..i'm thankful for greg'ry's too.
    ..that's too many apostrophes for one word.
    ..i need to do a milk taste test! i've already been thinking about it. i will save it for you.
    ..i'm also thankful for my white handled paring knife. that pic of you & ladycakes!! i also love that her onesie is way to big and her diaper is hanging all out. good thing she's wearing a matchy diaper.
    ..i'm thankful that oliver's is within walking distance. best.pecan.delight.sundae.everrrr.

  5. I'm backwards with coffee... I used to love the strong stuff until my brother introduced me to this Belgian chocolate creamer. I am now OBSESSED.

  6. Love that you ranked us #1! Cabot is tops in my world too, of course :) The farm families who own Cabot are thankful for supporters like you!

  7. i have a serious love affair for all things cabot's.

  8. Forget the coffee and the cheese's just go straight to that sweet baby girl you have in your arms, love, love the expression on her beautiful tiny face!!!!



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