Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It is so easy to feel frustrated and depressed by all the little things {and big things} that seem to go wrong every day. So I thought I would try and do thankful posts now and then to remind myself of all the good things that happen. Because they by far outnumber the bad. These may be small, silly, big, questionable, laughable, heartfelt or interpreted any number of ways....but they are the good that I see in my day.

Thankful for:

1. The black beast - aka: my van. It is back on the road again after being out of commission for over a week {head gasket}. So good to have it working again.

2. The sunshine!!! And seeing it say 50º on my thermometer!

3. Getting quiet time this morning to read my Bible & pray. The boys went outside to play and I got 20 peaceful minutes to spend with Him.

4. My midwife. {Just a check up folksies. Nothing going on here.}. She is just great. I wish she could be my PCP.

5. That my husband plays board games with me. Last night we played a riveting game of Yahtzee. Mini Yahtzee to be exact. Not sure why Michael grabbed the tiny travel version of Yahtzee, we have a regular size game. I felt like I needed readers to see the scoreboards.

6. These super sweet green sunglasses that my momma got me. From the Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh. Cause she loves me. And I love her.

7. Finding these vintage shoes at the thrift shop - in my size!! I have huge feet. I never, never can find shoes in my size when I'm out thrifting. So it's a pretty big deal when I do.

8. My peanut butter chunk cookies. Bliss! Especially in the morning with a cup of coffee. (Desserts always taste better to me in the morning)

What are you thankful for?

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  1. .. i see mike beat you at yahtz!
    .. love the sunnies! and mooms.
    ... i'm thankful you're my seester!
    .. i'm thankful i will be eating your pb cookies tonight!!! yes?

  2. bah...i was hoping no one would notice the score!

    like the sly invite. i was thinking earlier today about my lil faba girl and how i missed her and seeing her yesterday at the store was only a little teaser...

  3. Hey, I found something that you might like - the cutest little printable booklet to write out what you're thankful for!!!

    Go here:

    And way down at the bottom there is a link to a printable and a link to instructions on how to fold it. It is adorable.


  4. ah! I love yahtzee and the sunglasses! Such a good idea to write down the things you're thankful for.

  5. i would be very thankful for the recipe for those cookies... ;)

    vword: (you will like this) "ancows"

  6. ahh steph - that IS the cutest little book. i think i need it.



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