Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Penny Thoughts

{A penny for your thoughts = penny thoughts. Penny Thoughts = a lot of randomness from my head}

-- I eat two eggs, scrambled, with a little bit of cheddar cheese sprinkled on top, and a slice of whole wheat toast every morning for breakfast. Sometimes I like to shake things up a little and I eat my eggs in a tortilla instead of with toast. Because Marla and Pamela told me I should. And it's good. Do you eat breakfast? Do you eat a variety of things or stick with one or two things?

--Our time-out chair is in the laundry room. We also store a huge tub of pretzel sticks in the laundry room. Recently, whenever we put Malacai in time-out, we'll open the door and see him chomping away on pretzels. It takes everything in me to keep a straight face and scold him. I think it's so funny that I keep the pretzels in there still, just to see if he'll eat 'em.

--Levi puts everything in his mouth. I know babies tend to do this; but he has, by far, done it more than the other boys. It's very annoying. And gross. The other day I noticed him gumming away at something, so I finger-swiped him and fished out a bandaid!! A used bandaid!! Ughhh. It came from our house. I know who's grubby hand it came off. But still. A.used.bandaid.

--Holy laundry batman! I cannot believe how much laundry I have to do. I don't actually mind laundry as a chore {it's not like having to clean the bathroom - barf-o}, but I just can't get over how much there is with three little boys! Loads and loads and loads every week. I would struggle to come up with one entire load of my clothes in a week. Honestly. And maybe that grosses you out, but I'm not dirty. I don't sweat. So I don't wash my clothes every time I wear them {except for undies - that'd be gross - they get washed after every wear}.

--I HATE earthworms. HATE. Ugh - they make me feel queasy just looking at them. I'm getting a knot in my stomach just thinking about them now. And I'm not scared-grossed out {like with spiders and snakes and rats}, just really, really grossed out. Today is a bad worm day. I have to be soo careful when I walk.

--Linc told me this morning that he saw some grass growing. Wow. Really speedy grass or super slow morning for Linc. Then he told me a little while ago that he wanted to be a pirate. Love these random thoughts they share!

--Is there anything better than having a baby snuggle up on you and fall asleep? Quite possibly not.

--Is there anything worse than walking through a dark room and stepping on a toy with your bare foot whilst holding a sleeping babes? Quite possibly not.


  1. ..i go through breakfast spurts. lately it's been greek yogurt & granola. but reading this made me want to get whole grain english muffins cause an eggy sammy is another fav.
    ..ha! love my sweet nephs & all their shenanigans. would be worse if you were walking through a dark room and stepping on a mouse with your bare foot whilst holding a sleeping baby. and you would. i'm just sayin.

  2. yum - eggs & tortilla is delish! i rarely eat breakfast. :/ i know how bad that is, but i can't make myself get up any earlier to get anything!

    ouch. the barefoot step on the random object... hate that. also, the barefoot toe stub.

  3. I almost always have either a whole wheat english muffin or bagel and butter and peanut butter. I know, probably way too much fat. But my mama used to make it that way, so I do, too. And don't forget a cup of hot coffee. Can't forget the coffee.

    And I also wanted to tell you that I think you win the prize for the most "gross"es in your post! Congratulations! I liked it. It made me laugh.


  4. I haven't been having too many egg/tortilla lovings lately, we're avoiding that beast called Gluten. We are working our way through a 25 pound bag of gluten free oats. Usually I eat my oatmeal with a little brown sugar and raisins, but sometimes I go all crazy-like and do the brown sugar and toasted walnuts and craisins and homemade maple-vanilla yogurt.

    Right. And coffee.

  5. and marla is right... barefooted mouse stepping is pretty horrible. a mouse ran across my bare feet when i was in high school. it still gives me the icky shivers.



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