Monday, April 4, 2011

Nor Yewk

Last weekend, Linc, Marla, Justin, Fabienne and I took the train to New York City {or Nor Yewk as Linc calls it} to visit Uncle Craigie! This was actually Linc's second trip {ha - I love looking at my old blog} to the city - but his first train ride! {And first ferry ride, and subway ride, and city bus ride...} My parents were flying back from Israel and met us there and stayed a few days - so it was a fun, family trip. {Michael stayed at home with the two little boys - his choice!} I am proud to say I made it with no train diving incidents on this trip...woot!

Best Linc-ism from the trip: While telling my parents about his exciting ferry ride {they had gone back to the apartment to crash - jet lag} and what he saw while on the ferry: "I saw a statue. It was holding something up in the air. An ice cream cone!"

On the way home, I asked Linc what his favorite things were:
1. The subway
2. The train
3. The ferry
4. Uncle Craigie's toys (Craig had some little cars & trucks from when he was a kid)















1. I had to force Linc to look at the mountains...he was doing more important things, like watching movies. 2. Linc gets some serious munchies on the train. We boarded at 8:45. This is him eating pizza at 9:30. And he kept eating, and eating, and eating. He also wanted to keep going to the "bakery" {the cafe car}. 3. At the Rochester train station {below a poster that says "Lincoln in Rochester"} / On the Staten Island Ferry - checking out the lady with the giant ice cream cone. 4. Waiting for the subway - this was by far the highlight of Linc's trip, riding the subway. 5. Linc had to be carried a lot. By his momma. / By Auntie Marmo. 6. By Pop / And again by Pop. 7. And by Uncle Jojo {who also had to carry Miss Fabs } / the Craigie chair 8. And carried by Uncle Craigie / Mooms in China Town. Um, that sign says Best Foot Back Rub. They rub your back with their feet - sick! 9. Lots of yummy food on our trip! Three bean chili at a vegetarian restaurant - I don't remember the name of it! 10. Tres Leches Donut {in honor of Leeko Bandito}. Super yummy donuts from the Doughnut Plant. That were also super heavy...we had to eat them and not save any for the boys {who were off photo shooting some supermodel} because they were just too heavy to carry around. Right? 11. Linc eating the top of a donut / I stopped at a tiny little cupcakery for some red velvety goodness. 12. Mmm...brunch at Chavella's - egg enchiladas. This place is so, so good. 13. Linc modeling his new hat. I forgot to pack Linc's hat and it was freezing! So we picked up a new hat in China Town - Linc picked it out. / He was so excited when he saw this deli with his name on it! 14. Justin & Fabs getting some street meat. {And just to clarify - Fabs is in the baby carrier - Fabs is not the guy standing next to Just. Although we hope he enjoyed his street meat too!} / Hanging out on Uncle Craigie's roof.

Thanks for the super fun weekend Craiger!!! xoxo

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  1. yay, fun pictures!
    .. i love, love, love that bean.
    .. love the picture of linc on eggy's shoulders.
    .. vegetarian chili. right now. yes please.
    .. i think i just drooled looking at that donut.
    .. those were some heavy donuts, i mean, come on boys. we can't just break our backs carrying donuts around all day.

  2. Look like you guys had a FUN trip, would have loved to been with you. Linco is really growing, he is a cutie!!!

  3. i've been waiting a while for this post. ever since lynz told me you guys went to NYC... haha.

  4. such a great photo of your dad carrying a (standing) lincoln!!



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