Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Every blessing You pour out, I'll turn back to praise...

Today I am thankful for...

1. S'mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are soo big. And soo yummy. Two pictures just to show you all the goodness.

2. My tulips are budding! Tulips are my fav!

3. This very rad vintage cake stand from my momma. Thrifted. {My mom is giving gifts as she buys them. In the past she has lost gifts or forgotten them, so now she's going with as soon as she buys something, she hands it over! Haa!} I love this!

4. My friend Heidi. She is a hairdresser and comes to my house to cut my hair. So nice to not have to find a sitter just so I can get a trim and thin {and by thin, I mean my hair thinned out...there is just so much of this crazy hair}. And while she was at it...

5. Handsome boys with spiffy new haircuts {see the above picture to see how they looked this morning}.

6. That Michael found the keys to the van. His set has been missing for weeks and when he drives, he just uses mine. Well, this morning I went to take Linc to preschool and got in the van only to discover I had no keys! They were in Mike's pocket. He had to drive home from work to deliver them {and we had one very late boy to school this morning...}. But this motivated Mike to look for his set and he found them!

7. Nap time. Amen.

What are you thankful today?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chirp Chirp

We have six little ladies living in our laundry room right now. I've been going back and forth on whether to get chickens for a while now. I want them. I just never felt like it was the right'd just be one more thing to take care of. Apparently, my mom thought it was the right time - she went and picked up some chicks and then left town! So our adventure begins! I am excited about it. I'm looking forward to being able to have eggs galore from my own back yard. And I know it will be good for the boys {they are mega excited about this!}. And hopefully it will help me to be a little less girly girl. And Mike definitely needed another project of building a chicken coop, right?

Here's to country living!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Malacai's Party Feature

I'm so excited to share that Malacai's Pinwheel & Pennant Birthday Party was featured on Ohdeedoh {a rockin' kids design blog}. Yay!!

To see lots of pictures and details from Malacai's party - click here.

To see the feature on Ohdeedoh - click here.

Thanks so much Ohdeedoh! I'm giddy with excitement!

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Thanks to the handy-dandy random number generator - the little vintage sleeper now has a new owner!

Congratulations Pamela of The Dayton Time...lucky #2!!
Your sweet little vintage sleeper will be delivered soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Another giveaway - yay! {That means another chance for me to use the Random Number Generator - woot!} This is a sweet vintage sleeper. It's white with a cute print on it of bears, swings, birds and trees. Great for a boy or girl! It's light weight material - perfect for those hot nights {that we are wondering if we will ever see around these parts...even a barely warm night will do!} Good luck!

The tag says it's a Medium {12-18 lbs.}, the measurements are below:

Measurements {taken laying flat}:
Length {shoulder to toe}: 25.5"
Chest {under arms}: 9"

To enter:
-Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment saying you follow along with an email address {if you already follow just tell me that}

For additional entries {be sure to leave a comment for each extra thing you do}:
-Go check out my Etsy shop and tell me which item is your fav {1 extra entry}
-Blog about this giveaway on your blog {3 extra entries - yes, leave 3 comments for this}

Contest open worldwide. Contest closes at 11:59pm EST on April 24th 2011. Winner will be chosen at random on April 25th 2011.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Check it Out!

Have you ever read the blog Josiah's Nest? You should. It's so cute! My Etsy shop, Mooies, has been a proud sponsor of the blog for the last few weeks! And today there's a post featuring my shop!! Yay!! So go check it!

What do you think?

PS - Is that not the most rad chaise lounge you've ever seen?! I love that picture!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father...
James 1:17

1. Creamer. International Delight French Vanilla to be exact. Sometimes I think I should put my big girl pants on and start drinking my coffee with Half & Half or just black. But...I just don't want to. I love this stuff. So there.

2. Fresh baked bread. From the local bakery, Greg'ry's.

3. My grocery store - Wegmans. Do you remember hearing how Alec Baldwin's momma didn't want to move because she didn't want to leave her beloved Wegmans? I think I could be besties with his momma. I feel the same way.

4. The woman working in the deli department. We shopped earlier today and she gave the boys a slice of cheese to munch on while we shopped.

5. 4:30. This is the approximate time my love arrives home from work.

6. Cheese.'s just so yummy. Today I decided to do a taste test between your basic sharp cheddar that you get from the dairy shop - not the super yummy kind from the cheese shop. {I did Cabot, Heluva and Wegmans brand. First choice - Cabot. Second - Wegmans. Third - Heluva}. I am a nerd. I love doing taste tests!! I can't wait till my Michael is home and I can have him do the test!

7. These sweet little cheekies that I get to munch on.

8. My white handled paring knife. I had to chop some vegetables earlier and I did not use my white handled knife. It was in the dishwasher. I missed it.

9. That my stitches are out! Woot!! I can now go for walks!

10. Being twinners with this little ladycakes {as her momma likes to call her}.

What are you thankful for today?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Penny Thoughts

{A penny for your thoughts = penny thoughts. Penny Thoughts = a lot of randomness from my head}

-- I eat two eggs, scrambled, with a little bit of cheddar cheese sprinkled on top, and a slice of whole wheat toast every morning for breakfast. Sometimes I like to shake things up a little and I eat my eggs in a tortilla instead of with toast. Because Marla and Pamela told me I should. And it's good. Do you eat breakfast? Do you eat a variety of things or stick with one or two things?

--Our time-out chair is in the laundry room. We also store a huge tub of pretzel sticks in the laundry room. Recently, whenever we put Malacai in time-out, we'll open the door and see him chomping away on pretzels. It takes everything in me to keep a straight face and scold him. I think it's so funny that I keep the pretzels in there still, just to see if he'll eat 'em.

--Levi puts everything in his mouth. I know babies tend to do this; but he has, by far, done it more than the other boys. It's very annoying. And gross. The other day I noticed him gumming away at something, so I finger-swiped him and fished out a bandaid!! A used bandaid!! Ughhh. It came from our house. I know who's grubby hand it came off. But still. A.used.bandaid.

--Holy laundry batman! I cannot believe how much laundry I have to do. I don't actually mind laundry as a chore {it's not like having to clean the bathroom - barf-o}, but I just can't get over how much there is with three little boys! Loads and loads and loads every week. I would struggle to come up with one entire load of my clothes in a week. Honestly. And maybe that grosses you out, but I'm not dirty. I don't sweat. So I don't wash my clothes every time I wear them {except for undies - that'd be gross - they get washed after every wear}.

--I HATE earthworms. HATE. Ugh - they make me feel queasy just looking at them. I'm getting a knot in my stomach just thinking about them now. And I'm not scared-grossed out {like with spiders and snakes and rats}, just really, really grossed out. Today is a bad worm day. I have to be soo careful when I walk.

--Linc told me this morning that he saw some grass growing. Wow. Really speedy grass or super slow morning for Linc. Then he told me a little while ago that he wanted to be a pirate. Love these random thoughts they share!

--Is there anything better than having a baby snuggle up on you and fall asleep? Quite possibly not.

--Is there anything worse than walking through a dark room and stepping on a toy with your bare foot whilst holding a sleeping babes? Quite possibly not.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Before & After: Kitchen Cupboard

I had been running out of room in our kitchen cupboards for all my baking supplies and my vintage dishes; so we came up with a plan to rearrange a few things in the kitchen to gain more storage. This cupboard was originally in the laundry room and brimming full of pantry goods. We decided to use the small coat closet in the kitchen for a food pantry, move most of the coats into bedroom closets, add some coat hooks in the laundry room for a few coats and move this cupboard into the kitchen.


The cupboard in the laundry with our pantry goods in it. The doors had glass in them. {Eek...such a mess!}

The cupboard moved into the kitchen. We decided to do away with the glass doors because the boys would have access to this cupboard now...and I didn't want to have to keep it looking neat inside.


A freshly painted cupboard with new cute knobs....yay!

I love this color. And now with this pretty new cupboard sitting in my kitchen, I'm thinking it's time for some new paint in the whole kitchen!

{All the moving, rearranging, painting, and carpentry done by my Michael - love you babe!}

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten On Ten

Joining in again in the fun of Ten on Ten. {A photo an hour for ten hours on the tenth.}

1. Sleep-in-Sunday. The time I came into the kitchen this morning. Michael gets the boys up and going on Sunday mornings so I can sleep in a little bit before church. 2. The boys playing outside on Daddy's lawn mower. 3. Volunteered in the church nursery this morning - I love playing with all the vintage toys! 4. Getting pretty little vintage dresses ready for the Etsy store. 5. Lincoln James - the face of boyhood. 6. Breakfast for dinner - whole wheat french toast! 7. Yay for painted toes! Yay for flip flops! 8. Levi relaxing at Mimi & Pop's 9. We dyed eggs today. 10. Every night, Michael makes me a chai latte. Cause he loves me. And I love him.

Want to do it? Check it out:
ten on ten button

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Weekend

Today in Western New York, the weather is dreamy! We're having a great weekend so far. We've been out thrifting {some amazing finds I can't wait to show off}, playing outside, cleaning up the yard a bit. Lovely. It's been too long since we've basked in the sunshine.

Started this morning off with some warm delicious coffee cake.

The boys spent the morning tromping through the field with their wooden guns. {Cai was really impressed with the rotted out squash he found}. My baby punk loves to swing!

Aunt Gingie and Uncle Andy gave the boys some gardening tools for Christmas and I am putting them to work!! {Especially since I can't do anything for another whole week with these stitches in my leg!}

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It is so easy to feel frustrated and depressed by all the little things {and big things} that seem to go wrong every day. So I thought I would try and do thankful posts now and then to remind myself of all the good things that happen. Because they by far outnumber the bad. These may be small, silly, big, questionable, laughable, heartfelt or interpreted any number of ways....but they are the good that I see in my day.

Thankful for:

1. The black beast - aka: my van. It is back on the road again after being out of commission for over a week {head gasket}. So good to have it working again.

2. The sunshine!!! And seeing it say 50º on my thermometer!

3. Getting quiet time this morning to read my Bible & pray. The boys went outside to play and I got 20 peaceful minutes to spend with Him.

4. My midwife. {Just a check up folksies. Nothing going on here.}. She is just great. I wish she could be my PCP.

5. That my husband plays board games with me. Last night we played a riveting game of Yahtzee. Mini Yahtzee to be exact. Not sure why Michael grabbed the tiny travel version of Yahtzee, we have a regular size game. I felt like I needed readers to see the scoreboards.

6. These super sweet green sunglasses that my momma got me. From the Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh. Cause she loves me. And I love her.

7. Finding these vintage shoes at the thrift shop - in my size!! I have huge feet. I never, never can find shoes in my size when I'm out thrifting. So it's a pretty big deal when I do.

8. My peanut butter chunk cookies. Bliss! Especially in the morning with a cup of coffee. (Desserts always taste better to me in the morning)

What are you thankful for?

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Nor Yewk

Last weekend, Linc, Marla, Justin, Fabienne and I took the train to New York City {or Nor Yewk as Linc calls it} to visit Uncle Craigie! This was actually Linc's second trip {ha - I love looking at my old blog} to the city - but his first train ride! {And first ferry ride, and subway ride, and city bus ride...} My parents were flying back from Israel and met us there and stayed a few days - so it was a fun, family trip. {Michael stayed at home with the two little boys - his choice!} I am proud to say I made it with no train diving incidents on this trip...woot!

Best Linc-ism from the trip: While telling my parents about his exciting ferry ride {they had gone back to the apartment to crash - jet lag} and what he saw while on the ferry: "I saw a statue. It was holding something up in the air. An ice cream cone!"

On the way home, I asked Linc what his favorite things were:
1. The subway
2. The train
3. The ferry
4. Uncle Craigie's toys (Craig had some little cars & trucks from when he was a kid)















1. I had to force Linc to look at the mountains...he was doing more important things, like watching movies. 2. Linc gets some serious munchies on the train. We boarded at 8:45. This is him eating pizza at 9:30. And he kept eating, and eating, and eating. He also wanted to keep going to the "bakery" {the cafe car}. 3. At the Rochester train station {below a poster that says "Lincoln in Rochester"} / On the Staten Island Ferry - checking out the lady with the giant ice cream cone. 4. Waiting for the subway - this was by far the highlight of Linc's trip, riding the subway. 5. Linc had to be carried a lot. By his momma. / By Auntie Marmo. 6. By Pop / And again by Pop. 7. And by Uncle Jojo {who also had to carry Miss Fabs } / the Craigie chair 8. And carried by Uncle Craigie / Mooms in China Town. Um, that sign says Best Foot Back Rub. They rub your back with their feet - sick! 9. Lots of yummy food on our trip! Three bean chili at a vegetarian restaurant - I don't remember the name of it! 10. Tres Leches Donut {in honor of Leeko Bandito}. Super yummy donuts from the Doughnut Plant. That were also super heavy...we had to eat them and not save any for the boys {who were off photo shooting some supermodel} because they were just too heavy to carry around. Right? 11. Linc eating the top of a donut / I stopped at a tiny little cupcakery for some red velvety goodness. 12. Mmm...brunch at Chavella's - egg enchiladas. This place is so, so good. 13. Linc modeling his new hat. I forgot to pack Linc's hat and it was freezing! So we picked up a new hat in China Town - Linc picked it out. / He was so excited when he saw this deli with his name on it! 14. Justin & Fabs getting some street meat. {And just to clarify - Fabs is in the baby carrier - Fabs is not the guy standing next to Just. Although we hope he enjoyed his street meat too!} / Hanging out on Uncle Craigie's roof.

Thanks for the super fun weekend Craiger!!! xoxo

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