Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pinwheel & Pennant Party

To celebrate sweet Malacai's third birthday we had a pinwheel and pennant party!
{Warning - lots of pictures...settle in}
















1. for the invites I made tiny little pinwheels and pennants and then sewed them on kraft paper/the sweet birthday boy 2. old book pages that I stenciled & then hung on bakers twine - which I am currently obsessed with (got mine from TheTwinery)! 3. vintage chilren's book page banners, reused from Marla's baby shower that Cait made 4. super sweet photo party hats that are so easy to make thanks to Martha 5. pinwheel made from Amy Butler designed paper (bought at Michaels)/homemade pinata covered with tissue paper pennants - I think I'm going to start making pinatas for everything! 6. pennants made from the Amy Butler paper 7. pinwheel sandwiches 8. ham & pickle roll ups - made & arranged by my love - isn't he so cute? 9. cucumber pennant sandwiches made by Auntie Marmo - so cute! 10. fruit kabobs my mom made - the tops are melon pennants, can you see them? 11. pretty soda bottles - yes we have these at every party - pretty to look at it, yummy to drink 12. double chocolate layer cake with pennant banner/sea salt caramel cupcakes with pinwheels 13. caramel popcorn in the sweetest bags ever (bought from HeyYoYo - along with those super cute cupcake liners)/I love paper straws! (bought from BakeItPretty) 14. I desperately wanted a sparkler for the cupcake, and couldn't find them anywhere. Our friend Lori pulled through for us and gave us a few from her daughter's stash! Thanks Lori & Kara!! I was so happy with how it looked - Malacai was not!! 15. Love Cai's face as he's trying to blow out the candles!!/More yummy cupcakes!

This was so much fun to plan & craft for. I came down with the flu the day before the party, not so much fun, and would not have been able to pull this off if it weren't for my Michael, Marsie and my mama!! You are the best!


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  1. looks like an amazing party and you put so much time and effort into the decorations...they are so wonderful! :) happy birthday to malacai!!

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  3. childhood must be a-mazing in your house!! look at all the beautiful things you guys made! keep the photos coming - they make me smile! happy birthday malacai :)

  4. ...tricky - you got a pic of cai with his hat on! you're good. the bday banner! are the best cake/cupcake baker. ever. ever.
    ..mike would be cuter if he woulda made CHEESE pickle roll ups.
    ..pretty sure i need a cuc sammy right now.
    ..and perhaps a shirley temple.
    ..and maybe a sea salt caramel cupcake.
    ..LOVE the cry pic of cai! throw a mean party.

  5. cuuuute!! ok ok, the pressure is on to get colden's bday pics up. i will do that!!!

  6. hahaha! i am obsessed with the picture of mal crying... and spitting all over the cake. what a goof.

  7. I LOVE the birthday hats! AND I really like the photo of Cai crying :)

    Priceless :)

  8. was Mully crying because he was tired or scared or what?

  9. You seriously know how to throw a party! Everything is GORGEOUS--the pinwheels are way to cool, the pennants (even carried out on the foods) simply phenomenal, the hats with his picture...i could go on and on!


  10. Love it all, what a great party!



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