Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started out with my Michael making pink heart shaped pancakes for everyone (which I sadly didn't get pictures of). Then it was off to work and school (blah...this is a holiday - why don't we have the day off?!). Linc had a party during preschool and came home with lots of loot - which he generously started passing out to everyone at home. For dinner we made heart shaped bacon cheeseburger sliders and sweet potato fries.

Cooking up some hamburger love...

These are my favorite sweet potato fries ever. (I posted about them here). I like the kind of burnt, crispy ones. (Cait & I make good fry eating buddies because I like the crispy and she likes the mushy).

Sliders are the perfect size hamburgers to make for the kiddos. I added some of our spicy ranch mayo to mine. (And dip the fries in it).

My little Valentines...

The necklace I got from Lincoln. (Given from the loot he got at school)

The "card" that I made for my Michael. Super cute photo matchbook!! There's a tutorial and template from Brides.com. I love these! I'm thinking of all the different things I can make them for now.

I also must share with you that while we were making dinner, Malacai kept begging to eat some of the candy that Lincoln had given him, but we told him he had to wait till after we ate. Soon after, Mike noticed that Cai was MIA - and we spotted him under the table. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "hiding". I asked him why and he said, "so you don't say anything about me being naughty with food". I looked under the table and he had his mouth stuffed full of candy!!! It was so hard to try to scold him while not laughing!!

Also, I must share this little photo shoot that Linc did. Some glasses he scored at his party. I love this kid!


  1. that little photo shoot of linc is hysterical. he looks like a miserable little librarian. {minus the top left}

  2. ..looks like a lovely love day.
    ..you make me sick with you're adorable little matchbook.
    ..haaa! mully mulls is sneaky. just like his mother.
    ..make me sweet potato fries. now.
    ..oh bean! i could squeeze you and eat you.

  3. ew, i hate such grammatical errors - YOUR not YOU'RE. i haven't finished my coffee yet, cut me some slack.



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