Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Tease

Oh sweet warm weather. It was nice to see you in these parts. Even if you were here just to tease - because we know you just won't stay. Even now as I type, I can hear you blowing away (and almost feel you blowing away - it's quite drafty in this old house). But we took advantage of you while you here. We ran. We played. We breathed deeply. We wore new rain boots. We saw promises of what's to come.

Thanks for the drop in. It renews. It gives hope. We know you'll be back...


  1. it was grand! can't wait for spring to come back and stay! least until summer comes, that is :)

  2. aaand it's car was covered in snow this morning.

  3. looks like you have a buissy life! 3 boys! (I have two twins.. boys) and its crazy!



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