Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nine Months

My lil' baby punk is already nine months old. I forgot his birthday though. Or, actually, when his birthday was. For quite a few days {or maybe longer} I was thinking his birthday was the 21st. It's not. It's the 19th. MY NIECE was born on the 21st. I didn't realize I had missed his 9 month birthday until my sister questioned me stating that Levi's birthday was the 21st. What?!! Something happens to your brain the second you become pregnant. And you are never, ever the same. You are lucky if you remember your name, let alone your children's names, ages, birthdays....
Levi is still the happiest little guy. He's always smiling and laughing. Or {happy} yelling quite loudly. I think he just likes to hear himself. It's a bit out of control sometimes. He also has a new laugh - a very I-like-to-hear-myself-make-noises type of laugh. {Check out the video below} He's crawling all over the place now. And trying to open cupboard doors. And wrecking his brother's train tracks. He seems to be following in Malacai's footsteps of mischievousness.
He's got two bottom teeth, although I think he's going to be sprouting another new one any day. His sleeping is still not great. We get a night every now & then when he sleeps through, but it seems like most nights, we're getting up with him. Ugh, so rough on this momma who needs so much sleep. {Which is what I should be doing now instead of blogging...}

He's so hard to take photos of now. He's always rolling over or crawling off.

Vintage Cowboy Overalls - thrifted - from my mom
Vintage Moccasins - gift from Auntie Marmo

{He is being "coached" in this video - but he does this laugh on his own. I just needed help getting him to do it for the camera}

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