Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love Valentine's Day. I love the red. And the pink. And the hearts. And the love. I feel like it's too soon to be Valentine's Day though. I haven't even done any V-Day decorating or crafting or baking. *Sigh* Maybe next year....when I don't have a grumpy, teething baby making me feel like just surviving through the day is about all I can accomplish. I have done plenty of V-Day looking though.

Here's some of the decorations I wish to make:

{Image & Tutorial: Lovely Indeed}

{Image & Tutorial: Elizabeth Anne Designs}

{Image & Tutorial: How About Orange}

Cute things to do/make:

{Image & Tutorial: MerMag}

{Images & Free Download: Twig & Thistle}

{Image & Tutorial: Random Thoughts of a Supermom}

To bake:

{Image & Tutorial: I Am A Baker}

To buy:

{Get them from BeeAndNie}

To wear:

{Get it from calista miakoda}

{Get it from calistamiakoda}

{Get them from ajpaul}

This is what Lincoln & I will be making for his classmates:

{Image & Tutorial: Super Mom Moments}

Here's where I wish I was staying:

I think I will add this to my Michael's "to make" list. How sweet would this be for summer camping?

We'll see how much I get done!


  1. I think yurts are just about the most fabulous things in the history of ever.

  2. Oh! I LOVE Valentine's Day too. I love garland and hearts and red and pink all over. Eric says it looks like Valentine's Day threw up in our apartment. :) Miss you! <3

  3. Also! Those are all great ideas! I want to make everything!

  4. ..woot woot for v day!
    ..that gypsy thinger is amazing, mike needs to hop to it. we will camp in that also.
    ..somehow i was searching for a vw vanagon camper to buy after looking at the gypsy thinger [the internet is not good for this add brain of mine]
    ..cute bouncy ball idear the ring & sunnies
    ..that i love u garland reminds me - don't i have one of those somewhere? it should totally be out.
    ..that heart garland reminds me of the one i started last year & never finished. now where are those dang hearts??
    ..v word: ossit [ra ha haa!]



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