Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Owl Earrings

I got these super cute owlies from my mama. She's had them for years - she doesn't remember where she got them or when exactly - over 30 years ago though. I love them because they're owls (and I have a love for vintage owls) and because they belonged to my mama!
I'm not sure which side is considered the front though. What do you the top picture the front of the earrings? Or is the bottom picture the front of the earrings?


  1. Well considering the first image would have the owls feet behind its tail my vote is going with number 2 being the front of the earrings.

  2. I say #2 is the front, so you can see their "talons" gripping the "branch" :)

    Super cute!!

  3. i say number 2 is the front b/c of the way the feet on the twig...that being said...they look somewhat cute and surprised in #1 but in #2 they look angry :/

  4. I agree! #2

    But it looks like maybe the earring hook part is on backward?

    hmmm...a mystery.

    Have fun wearing those owls!

  5. bottom. worn um? pic or didn't happen.



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