Monday, January 31, 2011

New Vintage Winter Coat

I spotted this coat while out thrifting last week. It wasn't on sale, so I decided to hold off on it. My mom was also out thrifting (we ran into each other there) and took a picture of it with her phone and told me she'd check for it on half off day. Yay for me that no other chubby girls were looking for a vintage turquoise winter coat (and that my mom goes to the store like every day!).
New coat - $4. (But I actually haven't paid my mom yet, so technically, free). Also, the boots are from my mom. Not thrifted. (I have ridiculously big feet, I can never find thrifted shoes). I love my Caribou Sorels.

This is why I have to wear sunglasses ALL THE TIME, even when it's snowing (or raining, or cloudy...). My dang pupils let too much light in and I can't see - little Miss Squinty.

1 comment:

  1. super find! cute pics. i love squinty mandy moo.



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