Friday, January 21, 2011

Eight Months

My happy baby punk is eight months old. He's going through something right now - not sure what it is, but he is waking up 2, 3, 4 times a night and staying up for a good 45 minutes or longer - each time. Could be teething, but he still has no teeth yet!! I got panicky the other day when I realized that both Linc & Cai had gotten two teeth before they were even six months old. I was wondering if Levi was going to grow up with "mo peep" [that's how you say "no teeth" when you have no teeth - funniest Donald Duck cartoon! Also, Marla & I would have entire conversations with "mo peep" when we were younger and we could understand each other....haaa - dorks!].
Even though this babes is making me & my Michael miserably tired, he's just too cute and too happy not to love on. He is just about to start crawling. He scoots around backwards pretty well, but hasn't been officially crawling yet. But soon the baby gates will need to reappear again. He gets up on his hands and feet in a "bridge" position and it's so cute. He loves to make "raspberry" noises (is there an official name for that blowing/spitting noise??). He says "da, da, da" all the time. He loves to watch his older brothers. And he loves his little jumper swing. If he's fussy or crying Lincoln will bark at him and it makes him laugh every time! I love to munch his chubby cheeks every day!

Levi's Thermal: vintage - free from the MOPS free-cycle bins
Knit blanket: thrifted (5 bucks from Amvets!) I love the colors!!

Levi's Sweater: vintage - used to be Uncle Craigie's - how cute is that?!


  1. what a sweet chubby bubs.

  2. who needs teeth, anyway?

  3. You have the cutest boys ever. xo

  4. shupa cute (that's me speaking in "mo peep"

  5. mut mu me mo mimout moomube?! love it that they have mo peep! and i love little chubs. he better get crawling...soon he'll have a little bobs chasing after him!



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