Monday, November 8, 2010

tricker treat

(For years I thought it was "tricker treat"...)

So last year I said that I wasn't going to do home-made costumes anymore because it was just too much work. And it is. Except I keep doing it. There's just something super cutesy about home-made costumes. There is a super rad picture of me and my siblings when we were wee lads and in our home-made halloweeney costumes and we just look super awesome. And you just want to hug my mom for being so cute & creative. (And I just had the best idea ever - next year, we re-create that! Haaa!! It would be awesome!). So, maybe someday my boys will want to hug me for being cute & creative??

Uncle Craigie - Good things come to those who wait. Sorry there is no baby frankenstein. Maybe next year??

                Papa                                                Pirate                                             Skunk {not so much handmade}

1 comment:

  1. wow - i'm impressed! very cute little boys.



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