Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a not so fun part of mommyhood

Is that you get no sick days. If you are sick, you cannot call in in the morning and then lay in bed all day. I never realized what a luxury sick days were before kids. Even if you have a stellar husband, like I do, who calls in to his job, you still are going to end up doing some ‘mom job’. Like nursing the babes. Or changing a diaper. Or preparing a meal, a snack, or a bath. Something will creep up that you have to do. And especially if said stellar husband is also sick. Then it’s really sucky.
We got this horrible stomach bug last Wednesday. My friend Steph recently went through it with her family (and I swear it’s so potent that while she was telling me about it in the church hallway on Wednesday night, we caught it and Malacai started throwing up at home! Just kidding Steph – you did not give it to us. I blame the truck grocery cart Malacai had his hands all over on Tuesday). I, of course, got it the worst and the longest. Because I’m just lucky like that. Because what’s throwing up a dozen more times after already throwing up hundreds in my lifetime? (Yea, that’s right, I did say hundreds). And why not throw a little chachacha into the mix too? (Yea, that’s right, I did just post too much information).

And the worst part of this sickness? No Fabs. I miss my niecey-noo sooo much!


  1. oh, and p.s. i like when you blog a lot *wink*

  2. oh no!!!

    I'm so sorry you all got sick, too! (not that I think I caused it, but just because it IS sucky!)

    Just keep pushing some vitamin c! and maybe some cream of chicken soup! and I hope you are all feeling better soon!!

    love & hugs,

    p.s. - and don't go spreading any more rumors, please! LOL.



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