Thursday, November 18, 2010

a long amazing husband

Yesterday, Cait and I did a baby shower for Marla & Fabs. This was originally supposed to be October 29th, but Fabs wanted to actually be at the baby shower, so she showed up 4 weeks early and made it to the shower!
I do not take throwing a party lightly. Either does Cait. Way too many hours of planning and prep work went into this well before the day of party. So yesterday morning, I awoke with way too little sleep and way too much to do. First, I had to deal with the boys and getting Linc ready and off to school. (Which included doing the "Letter Box" for Linc's class - we always seem to get this box at the worst times!! And of course I don't do these things the day before, that would be too easy!). After running about the house madly all morning, fixing breakfasts, cleaning up milk mustaches, nursing the babes, feeding the babes, throwing clothes on the kiddos, doing homework, and making a few gallons of lemonade for the party, we were off to drop Linc off at school. I went in and was helping Linc with his coat & backpack and feeling quite pleased with myself for being so on time, when I heard a mom say, "I wanted him to wear that shirt for picture day". Are.You.Kidding.Me. It's picture day?!!! In all the chaos of getting ready for the shower, I had completely forgotten about picture day. Linc was wearing an old blue tee shirt and I didn't have his picture forms. I wanted to cry (I may have cried for approx. 3 seconds while on the phone with Michael). I grabbed Linc and we ran home (could not be more thankful for living around the corner from the school), I threw a different shirt on him, grabbed the form, ran out to the van, realized I didn't have cash for the pictures, ran back inside for the checkbook, realized we were out of checks, ransacked the drawer for new checks - where of course I couldn't find the next sequential checks, grabbed a random pack, ran back to school to now be the last one arriving for "picture day!". Picture day also meant standing around an extra 15 minutes to watch the pictures being taken. Perfect...because I don't have anything to be doing at home today.
Then after a lot of baking, arranging, preschool pick up, packing, and pleading for good behavior, we were off to pick up even more items from my mom, and then off to church to set up. And set up we did. It looked amazing. Cait has amazing things for decorations. It was hard work (my cheeks were so flushed by the time the party started I looked like I might pass out!). I will be posting pics very soon (I promise) of the shower.
My Michael is amazing every day, seriously. But yesterday I was especially thankful because he called me throughout the day to make sure everything was going okay. He offered to come home even earlier than he had already planned to to help with the boys. He came home early from work and loaded up my van. Then he drove me out to my moms and loaded up the already full van (and my mom's car) even more. Then he drove to church and helped us set up a few of the things while keeping an eye on the boys. Then he took the boys home and fed them dinner. And played with them. And put them to bed. Then he cleaned up the crib when Malacai threw up all over. And took care of the sick boy. Then he cleaned up the living room. And then he cleaned the entire kitchen. Seriously cleaned. I have been neglecting the house for the last few weeks (trying to be there for Mar, trying to plan parties, and lets be honest, some laziness), so things were out of control. He picked up, organized, did dishes, mopped the floor. So I came home to a totally clean kitchen (which brings me great joy). And then he helped unload the van. And then he did all the dirty party dishes while Cait and I unpacked and put away everything else. And then he cleaned up the crib when Cai threw up all over, again. And then he got Levi to fall asleep after I finished nursing him. And then he rubbed my back while we drifted off to sleep.
See? Amazing. I love him.


  1. it was the best shower ever. fabs said so. and the pics will prove it. thanks commander! and cait. and mike. xo.

  2. if i had a sister, i would want her to be like you.

  3. Manda,
    I never would have guessed that your day was crazy like that when I saw you at church! You looked totally calm and collected! And the room did look so cute...




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