Sunday, October 24, 2010

lucky number seven

My seventh niece has arrived! Little Fabienne Joy arrived 3 1/2 weeks early...I think she just couldn't wait to meet Auntie Manda. Right now she's still at the NICU. Can't wait to have her home. I'm looking forward to playing dress up, learning how to braid hair, teaching her to bake, and having a little girl to cuddle!! The boys are super excited to meet their newest cousin, 'Babienne' as Malacai calls her.

Don't you just want to eat her up?! (Look at all that hair - she already has more than Levi!!) She's the cutest little baby girl I've ever seen!! And see, I'm already playing dress up with her! You can read more about the sweet little Fabs on Marla's blog.

Come home to us Faba - we love you soo much!!


  1. AH! such a precious picture. LOVE that mini headband!!!

  2. so beautiful. and i think you should come home soon too fabs! i want to play dress up with you too!

  3. holy sweetness!! she is kind of amazing :) yay auntie manda! a lil girl to doll up!!! congrats to all!!

  4. Sweet little niece you have there! I'm so glad that we have her in our family and so glad that Marla has a great sis like you to give her love and encouragement.



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