Sunday, October 24, 2010

lucky number seven

My seventh niece has arrived! Little Fabienne Joy arrived 3 1/2 weeks early...I think she just couldn't wait to meet Auntie Manda. Right now she's still at the NICU. Can't wait to have her home. I'm looking forward to playing dress up, learning how to braid hair, teaching her to bake, and having a little girl to cuddle!! The boys are super excited to meet their newest cousin, 'Babienne' as Malacai calls her.

Don't you just want to eat her up?! (Look at all that hair - she already has more than Levi!!) She's the cutest little baby girl I've ever seen!! And see, I'm already playing dress up with her! You can read more about the sweet little Fabs on Marla's blog.

Come home to us Faba - we love you soo much!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

a come back?

"Well here I am. I don't know how to say this.
The only thing I know is awkward silence."

Anyone know what those lyrics are from? It will shock my socks off if anyone knows it (without googling it) besides Sarah Kue. Thought it seemed appropriate for this blog since there has been a lot of awkward silence. Okay, maybe not awkward, but definitely a lot of silence.

To sum it up: first, the horrible pregnancy. Then the horrible recovery period (not so much from child birth, just one ailment after another. I seriously feel like I spent the six-eight weeks after Levi was born at some doctors appointment or another). And then? Just life and blog-laziness. Will I be back now? We shall see. Hopefully, since this is pretty much the only way I document anything going on with the boys. And it will force me to take pictures of my sweet babes. And maybe do some videos of Cai-guy while he still has his super sweet baby voice. The second and third children get so neglected when it comes to photos & videos.

Major events: Lincoln started preschool! He loves it. I love that it's right around the corner. I can pull out of my driveway at the time it starts and be there on time!

Obviously, the first day of preschool is a very serious event. And this picture pretty much sums up trying to do any photos with Cai. He'll pause for a half a second and then he's done.

My major event: Fall! I get to enjoy it this year. (I'm not in bed - puking & half dead). Yay!! So I'll be doing that (the enjoying thing - not the half-dead thing). Lots of pumpkins, lots of apple cider, lots of apple cider donuts, lots of crisp air and lots of leaf piles with these munchkins...

*photos fixed (I hope)


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