Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh happy day

I realize with that title you might think I'd be announcing the arrival of our little bean. (And believe me, I wish I was...I really wish I was). But this is something I've been waiting for for even longer if you can believe that.


I realize some may be grossed out by me writing about pooping on my blog - but um, well, it's my blog. And I'm really happy. And I don't write things in his baby book, so I've got to record it somewhere. It's only taken about a year. I believe we started potty training with him last March. And he was super amazing with peeing. Pretty much got it immediately, rarely had accidents, and is even sleeping through the night in "wonderwear". But the kid refused to poop on the potty. He asked for a diaper every time. And no amount of pleading, punishments, rewards or diaper-denial would work. (If we refused the diapers, he refused to poop. Which led to no eating. And some serious problems). But with number three about to arrive, I really didn't want three kids in diapers. So we took away the diapers, gave healthy doses of his pooping meds (which he's been on since a wee babe), and finally, finally, he did it! His first time was at Mimi's house while I was out shopping. He's only done it a few times, and it's still a battle, but at least we will not have three kiddos in diapers. (He doesn't ask for them anymore, he just waits and dances around for as many days as he possibly can...what a poop!).

Yay for Linco-Bean!!


  1. i remember when each of my three oldest pooped on the potty for the first time. it was awesome.

    can't wait to hear about your new little boy blue. i'll make you anything you want to eat when you get home... bread, dessert, pasta, whatever your little mama heart desires.

  2. Yay Linc! Now it's time to YAY BABY out! Come on little one, the world's not that scary! :)

  3. Awesome news!! You Pierces oughtta throw a pooping party! : ) I, for one, don't mind a good poop blog now and then!

  4. LOL. he's gonna love reading this when he's 16.

    vword: cushpo.
    i wish it said "cushpoo"



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