Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just for lyndsay

So should I just start posting like I haven't been missing for months? Or should I explain that I spent September-December throwing up and mostly in bed; January fighting the gross stomach virus that hit everyone in my family - Linc & me twice (so lucky!!! because I hadn't been throwing up enough) and major head colds; February recovering and exhausted. So, so exhausted. And honestly, I just haven't felt like blogging. Any spare minute that I get, I usually spend napping.
But Lyndsay is anxiously waiting. And so this post is for her; so that when she clicks on my blog, she can't mutter "dang it" any more. Even though she'd probably rather see photos of the boys then our trip down to see her.
We made the trek down to the bustling city of Beaver Falls, PA a few weeks ago to hang out with Lyx & Andy. Craig even came in from Brooklyn and went down with us to surprise Lyx. Marla & Justin had the lousy excuse of being in New Zealand for not joining the sibling trip.
And for those that look at the pictures and think all we did for the entire weekend was eat, well, all I can say is pictures don't lie.

We spent lots of time chatting, playing games and drinking coffee. I had to put up these ridiculous pictures of Craig & me enjoying the cubans that Andy made for us. Soo good! (Lynz -I need to know what he put in them, I forgot). Aren't Lyndsay's mugs super cute?

Our super hip barista.

We happened to go down the day after Lynz's birthday, so it was nice to celebrate with her. I made her a red velvet cake (which almost didn't make the car ride down as you can see from the leaning cake - yikes!) and a pecan pie - two of her favorites. For some reason we never got a picture of the pie. (First time I ever made Justin's specialty)

Red velvety goodness. Lyx also had some red velvet cheesecake leftover from V-day.

We swear we'd still go visit the Grimm's even if Oram's wasn't in their town. Cinnamon rolls=best thing ever!

We went into Pittsburgh and walked down the strip and went into all kinds of cool stores. I was so excited by this olive bar. Who knew such huge vats of olives were out there??

We also saw some grossy stuff. Not so excited by this.

Street tacos. Prepared by a vendor outside the Mexican supermarket. Amazing!

Eating the famous Pitts-burger. Lynz takes this task very seriously.

Coolest cats ever.

We had our own homemade mexican dinner Saturday night. Please note the small black bowl. It's QUESO from DON PABLOS!!! Andy risked life & limb driving us there so I could get me some!! (There are no DP's left in NYS). What a brother-in-law, right?!

I love going to visit my little seester! I do wish my little siblings didn't live so far away, even though they provide us with some fun rode trips.

We'll see if I can be inspired to post again anytime soon. I think I hear my bed calling me...


  1. I'm glad you posted, too!

  2. what are those amazing mugs?!?!?!

  3. Cute photos, Mand! Thanks for posting :) I didn't realize I was in that picture of you at Primanti's - embarrasing!

    Rae, those mugs were a birthday gift for me from an RD friend - they're from Starbucks.

  4. first, i need to know how to make cubans.

    second, you have a very cute red coat and do not even look knocked in the throne pic.

    and vats of olives like that can be found at wegman's. you're welcome.

  5. pamela's right, you don't even look pregs! crazy. leeko - mugsss! i love em. so many things i want...orams! olives! cake! mexicano! don't ever have fun without us again.



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