Tuesday, March 16, 2010

down on the farm party

Sweet little Malacai Mitchell is now two. We celebrated with my side of the family this past weekend. Both boys are obsessed with everything farming, so we decided that a down on the farm party would be perfect for little Mully.
All pictures (minus the photo booth) are by my brother-in-law, Justin, a most amazing photographer. Thanks Just!

Our menu was:
- a veggie garden
- eggs (deviled)
- chicken (tenders)
- pigs (in a blanket)
- haystacks (cookies)
and my favorite:
- cowtails!!

Drinks were:
- lemonade
- sweet tea (southern style)
- soda pop

Vanilla vanilla cupcakes- yum (I spent way too much time making the cupcake toppers; but loved how they turned out)!
Lincoln was a little bummed that his cupcake didn't have candles in it.

My wonderful Michael came up with the photo booth for us. He set up a camera with a remote and hooked it up to the TV so you could see the photos as they were taken. So clever!

Such a fun party! Happy Birthday little Mulls!

(Stupid blogger messed up the sizes of all my photos! Ughhhh...click on them to make it a little bigger...)


  1. you throw fabulous parties.
    see you on the tuesday.

  2. YOU are amazing.
    and you can throw me a party anytime.
    or make me a cupcake anytime.
    or even some haystacks.
    but NO pigs-in-a-blanket please.

  3. One double order of piggies-in-a-bang-bang coming right up!

    You can bring me Tully's Tenders anytime! Or make me coffee-toffee bars anytime!

  4. SUPER SUPER cute Mand! You always are so creative and go all out. I LOVE the photo booth! I really wish I could have been there. It looks so stinkin fun! My family is so good looking! Love you all!

    WV: thimend

  5. What a sweet party;) Happy (belated) b-day Malacai!

  6. adorable!! what an awesome party! love the theme and all the details that went into this farm party! great job, mom!

  7. look at all those details! being a kid in your home must be so much fun!!

  8. holy cow this is AWESOME!! can you guys come and plan MY next birthday party, please?!

  9. awww great pic's wish i was there.




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