Saturday, January 2, 2010

it's a...

Monday evening we invited our family over for some cake. My mom had made a special cake...a gender reveal cake! Only she knew whether we would be cutting in to a pink cake or a blue cake.

We had the ultrasound technician write on our little card whether it was a boy or girl...
And then I delivered the card to my mom. She then frosted the cake (she had made two cakes ahead of time - a pink and blue); and brought it over to the house. And we all enjoyed...

Blue cake!!

So now I have 19 weeks left to try and find a third name I like. And I cannot believe that the woman from our church correctly predicted the gender again!! If I was ever going to have more babies (which I'm not, for sure), I would just skip the ultrasound and go see her! She also made a prediction for my sister a few months back and my fingers are crossed that that one comes true too! (Although I doubt my sister is).

Yea for boys! (And sorry Gram...she's disappointed that all her grandkids keep having boys. Within a five year span, she will have had 12 great grandkids born and only one is a girl!).

Also - it was the best vanilla cake I've ever had. (Vanilla vanilla cake is my favorite). My mom made it from scratch and it was divine - better than any I've ever made!


  1. oooo vanilla vanilla cake! wanna share the recipe? congrats again!

  2. Yeah for boys indeed! Shall all us cousins pitch in on a huge economy pack of laundry stain sticks from BJs?

  3. Manda,
    What a great idea to reveal the gender to everyone!!

    Congratulations... your little boys are the cutest!!


  4. blogging misses you...come back :o)



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