Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have been throwing up since September 15th. And yet find myself getting chubbier. This little bean is the reason why.

(Sorry for the bad picture. It's about a month old and not the best picture I have, but I just haven't gotten around to scanning in the others yet).

And the reason why I've been absent from this place. And absent from a lot of things. At 17 weeks along, I can finally, finally say things are getting better. And I hope that I am now officially back. But this pregnant momma makes no promises or commitments, because you never know what is going to come up (or come back up...couldn't resist). I have lots & lots to share with you in spite of being so sick. And lots to share with you about being so sick. (Who wouldn't want to see pictures of my picc line??!). So hopefully you will be hearing from me again soon, I know the world hasn't been the same since I disappeared from blog-o land.

And for those who are bad at doing math (like me) and can't figure out when this baby is making it's entrance into the world from me telling you I am 17 weeks along; it's May. Fifteenth to be exact. We'll see when the bean really decides to show up though.

And for those wondering, no we do not know the gender yet. Yes, we will be finding out. In 19 days.


  1. Mandy!! Congrats!
    I had a picc line right though the eye of my king tattoo this summer. :) Fun!

    Miss you!


  2. hooray! so excited for you guys. sorry you're having another rough pregnancy though - hope the sickness subsides soon (um, before may 15th, that is).

  3. glad you're starting to feel better! i'm excited for you to find out what you're having. any cravings yet? i'm officially entering the third trimester on FRIDAY!!! craziness...especially since i feel uncomfortable when i wear anything but jer's lounge pants and i have 3 months to go...suggestions? i think i will head to salvo soon, maybe tomorrow for some shirts and maybe even pants - that is if they carry full panel, long jeans...i won't hold my breath.

  4. maybe your little bean will come on auntie m's birthday!

  5. So, so glad you're starting to feel better!


  6. Congratulations!!!! The craziness continues. I hope that you continue to feel well. This is random but I had a baby in 2005, you had one in 2006, then I was 2007, you were 2008, I was 2009, and you will be 2010.. I don't plan on continuing the cycle but Good luck to you what ever you decide:)

  7. Ughh, I heard about this bruise pic and had to check it out. Even worse than I though, poor you!



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