Sunday, December 20, 2009

any predictions?

There is a woman in our church who has correctly predicted the gender of my last two babies. She looks at my hand, lightly touches it, and then says, "It's a....". She said boy for both Lincoln & Malacai. Last night, I saw her at church. Marla & I asked if she had any predictions for me this time. Once again, the magical hand wave. And then, "it's a boy". What?! Again?!
I must admit that recently I've been thinking it's a girl. This pregnancy has been quite a bit different than the other two. So, since I've been thinking it's a girl, I feel slightly disappointed, even though for a while there, I thought I really didn't care. Oh well, at least we won't have to buy new things, right? (I don't know how I'm going to come up with a third boy name though...Malacai was hard enough. And I have two girl names that I love right now - maybe why I wanted to have a girl. And no, I will not be revealing name choices to anyone - unless your name is Michael Alan or Marla Christine - since I already told you. And let's just be completely honest, also Lyndsay Lorraine - because I just can't help myself, I tell my sisters everything).
I have my ultrasound scheduled for the 28th. And that evening, I'm having a fantastic gender reveal party (it involves cake, that's why it's fantastic). Anyone have any predictions they'd like to make before then??

Also, this morning Linc and I were looking for a screw driver so we could change the batteries in one of his toys; and lately every time I go to get the phillips-head from Mike's tool drawer, it's not in there. Of course, this morning, it was not in there. I told Linc to go tell daddy to get his phillips-head. So Linc walked into the living room and said, "Daddy, you need to go get your head filled up."

Also, I found out this morning that a car was burning not 200 feet from our house last night and Mike never woke me up to see it! There were police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and a BURNING CAR (even a fire truck in our driveway)!!! And he didn't wake me. Because he thought I might get mad if I got woken up. Now I shall remain mad all day that I didn't get to see the commotion. Imagine the pictures I could have had for this post! (And for those wondering how I could sleep through such a commotion - in the country, it is very rare for an emergency vehicle to turn on its siren - so there were no sirens to wake me. Also, I am pregnant, which makes me pretty much able to sleep through anything - normally everything wakes me. And also accounts for the early bed time for those that noticed the post time on The Batavian says 11:10).


  1. love that you're having a gender reveal party!

  2. haha from your description....was it my mom?? because she does that. she's passed her wisdom down to me, but she could be wrong sometimes. congratulations!

  3. what a fun idea for a party! and now i have to go read the batavian. thanks for that.

  4. Yes Laura, it was your mom! That's so funny that you knew! I was so glad I saw her before my ultrasound so I can see if she's right for a third time. I'm kinda hoping she's not this time...

  5. Haha!!! I knew it! Well, you never know... a little girl would be lovely and she's been wrong before!

  6. what?! you will tell your sisters the name and not me! i'm hurt. i predict a girl. yay cake!



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