Friday, December 18, 2009


This year, I really wanted an Advent Calendar to start doing with the boys. So my wonderful big seester made one for us! Isn't she the greatest?! All the boxes have magnets on the back so I can put it on the fridge. I love that we can put a slip of paper with an activity in it or put in some treats! It's nice too because I'll be able to change out the activities from year to year if I want to. Lincoln loves doing it and asks me all day long if we can open a box. He's even excited about the ones that don't have candy in them. (I'm just waiting for the day when he discovers he can pull a chair over and open them all and steal the candy out. That's probably more likely to happen with Malacai though.)

Our advent activities for this year are:
Set up the Nativity
Get Christmas tree & decorate it
Shop for Angel Tree gift
Put candles in windows and decorate house for Christmas
Have family game night
Go for a walk in the woods and collect pine cones
Donate canned goods to a food pantry
Build a snowman
Eat dinner by candle light
Make Christmas goodies to give away
Make paper snowflakes
Read a Christmas book together
Watch a Christmas cartoon
Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights
Eat peppermint stick icecream by the Christmas tree
Go sledding
Decorate sugar cookies
Drink hot chocolate by the Christmas tree
Read the Christmas story from the Bible together
Set out cookies for Santa


  1. such a cute idea! very creative. i might have to steal that in the future. :)

  2. I'm glad I was able to have peppermint stick by the tree with the boys... and the Christmas goodies are mmmm-mmm!

  3. definitely need peppermint stick ice cream! i almost *gasp* forgot about that!!

  4. i want peppermint stick by the tree with the boys!!! glad the boys are enjoying the 'boxes'.

  5. What a sweet idea, love it!



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