Sunday, December 20, 2009

any predictions?

There is a woman in our church who has correctly predicted the gender of my last two babies. She looks at my hand, lightly touches it, and then says, "It's a....". She said boy for both Lincoln & Malacai. Last night, I saw her at church. Marla & I asked if she had any predictions for me this time. Once again, the magical hand wave. And then, "it's a boy". What?! Again?!
I must admit that recently I've been thinking it's a girl. This pregnancy has been quite a bit different than the other two. So, since I've been thinking it's a girl, I feel slightly disappointed, even though for a while there, I thought I really didn't care. Oh well, at least we won't have to buy new things, right? (I don't know how I'm going to come up with a third boy name though...Malacai was hard enough. And I have two girl names that I love right now - maybe why I wanted to have a girl. And no, I will not be revealing name choices to anyone - unless your name is Michael Alan or Marla Christine - since I already told you. And let's just be completely honest, also Lyndsay Lorraine - because I just can't help myself, I tell my sisters everything).
I have my ultrasound scheduled for the 28th. And that evening, I'm having a fantastic gender reveal party (it involves cake, that's why it's fantastic). Anyone have any predictions they'd like to make before then??

Also, this morning Linc and I were looking for a screw driver so we could change the batteries in one of his toys; and lately every time I go to get the phillips-head from Mike's tool drawer, it's not in there. Of course, this morning, it was not in there. I told Linc to go tell daddy to get his phillips-head. So Linc walked into the living room and said, "Daddy, you need to go get your head filled up."

Also, I found out this morning that a car was burning not 200 feet from our house last night and Mike never woke me up to see it! There were police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and a BURNING CAR (even a fire truck in our driveway)!!! And he didn't wake me. Because he thought I might get mad if I got woken up. Now I shall remain mad all day that I didn't get to see the commotion. Imagine the pictures I could have had for this post! (And for those wondering how I could sleep through such a commotion - in the country, it is very rare for an emergency vehicle to turn on its siren - so there were no sirens to wake me. Also, I am pregnant, which makes me pretty much able to sleep through anything - normally everything wakes me. And also accounts for the early bed time for those that noticed the post time on The Batavian says 11:10).

Friday, December 18, 2009


This year, I really wanted an Advent Calendar to start doing with the boys. So my wonderful big seester made one for us! Isn't she the greatest?! All the boxes have magnets on the back so I can put it on the fridge. I love that we can put a slip of paper with an activity in it or put in some treats! It's nice too because I'll be able to change out the activities from year to year if I want to. Lincoln loves doing it and asks me all day long if we can open a box. He's even excited about the ones that don't have candy in them. (I'm just waiting for the day when he discovers he can pull a chair over and open them all and steal the candy out. That's probably more likely to happen with Malacai though.)

Our advent activities for this year are:
Set up the Nativity
Get Christmas tree & decorate it
Shop for Angel Tree gift
Put candles in windows and decorate house for Christmas
Have family game night
Go for a walk in the woods and collect pine cones
Donate canned goods to a food pantry
Build a snowman
Eat dinner by candle light
Make Christmas goodies to give away
Make paper snowflakes
Read a Christmas book together
Watch a Christmas cartoon
Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights
Eat peppermint stick icecream by the Christmas tree
Go sledding
Decorate sugar cookies
Drink hot chocolate by the Christmas tree
Read the Christmas story from the Bible together
Set out cookies for Santa

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the city, a train and a sprain

the city
Two weekends ago I headed off to NYC to visit my favoritest brother who lives in Brooklyn. This was only my second trip to the big city; although many trips have been planned and then never taken place due to my killer pregnancies. I was determined to get there this time during my very brief lull of relief from severe hyperemesis and before the so-much-pain-I-can't-walk phase. So I packed up a suitcase full of drugs and my picc line and I were off. [Along with Marla & Justin, Mooms & Pops, and Aunt Jan & Uncle Stu]. This was unbelievably Aunt Jan's first trip to the city (she's a world traveler, I thought she'd been before)! She was disappointed that everyone was so nice & helpful; that is not what she was led to believe about people in the city.

I decided that I didn't feel like lugging my camera around with me [like it's so big?], so Justin is my photog from the trip. You can see some of his amazing shots here and here. [I know there is a ton of photos of Marla in these photos, and I am barely in any of them, but I guess I can't complain, right?...Thanks a lot Just.]

-the cute coffee shop where I got to try my first Flat White ever! (Mar & Just's favorite drink in New Zealand).
-visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
-so, so much amazing food [I think all we did on our trip was eat & walk. Uncle Stu wore his pedometer and day one we walked 9 miles, day two, 7 miles].
-seeing the city dressed up for Christmas
-riding in a taxi for the first time
-riding the Staten Island Ferry and seeing the Statue of Liberty...Hey, it was my first time; I can be a typical tourist.
-hanging out with my little brover and seeing his cute cat!
-hanging out with my fresh air brother, Cosheem! [um, I just realized I don't know how to spell his name, is that right?]

the train
We took a train into the city and I would highly recommend it. So much more room and less stressful than air travel. I think that's the first time I've taken a train since I was kid; and that was way up in Canada - and when you flushed the toilets, they flushed right on to the tracks! That's the only thing I remember about that train ride. Oh no, I did take a brief train ride in Alaska on our honeymoon. So guess this was my third rail trip. However, you might want to avoid the train diving that I tried out at the end of our trip, doesn't seem to end well as you can see from the photos below.

the sprain

Shoot, I think my mom sent a picture of this to my grandma - did she even know I had a busted.

Yup, both sides of the ankle, up the leg...

and down to my toes.

The offending train (shot by Justin of course).

I must also add that shortly after my graceful fall off the train, my mom said to Marla, "Oh Marla, why couldn't you have fallen off the train?". great. This was said in jest for those thinking horrible thoughts about my mooms, and it's only because everything always go wrong for me medically, especially lately. Makes me laugh though!! And then later on, Justin said, "I'm just trying to think of how your mom's prayers go...Please be with all my kids and keep them safe, but if something does have to happen, please let it be one of the other three and not Manda." Haa...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have been throwing up since September 15th. And yet find myself getting chubbier. This little bean is the reason why.

(Sorry for the bad picture. It's about a month old and not the best picture I have, but I just haven't gotten around to scanning in the others yet).

And the reason why I've been absent from this place. And absent from a lot of things. At 17 weeks along, I can finally, finally say things are getting better. And I hope that I am now officially back. But this pregnant momma makes no promises or commitments, because you never know what is going to come up (or come back up...couldn't resist). I have lots & lots to share with you in spite of being so sick. And lots to share with you about being so sick. (Who wouldn't want to see pictures of my picc line??!). So hopefully you will be hearing from me again soon, I know the world hasn't been the same since I disappeared from blog-o land.

And for those who are bad at doing math (like me) and can't figure out when this baby is making it's entrance into the world from me telling you I am 17 weeks along; it's May. Fifteenth to be exact. We'll see when the bean really decides to show up though.

And for those wondering, no we do not know the gender yet. Yes, we will be finding out. In 19 days.


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