Monday, November 2, 2009

curious george and the man with the yellow hat

i promise i have a really good excuse for not blogging since like, forever.


spent my saturday night with curious george and the man with the yellow hat. it was super windy. and cold.

*these pictures make me laugh*

we made linc's costume, and i never want to do a handmade (homemade?) costume again. way too much time and ends up costing more money than a store bought one. they were a cute pair though. i was surprised at how many people were clueless as to who they were. are we the only household that watches/reads curious george??
after trick or treating down one measly street (the man with the yellow hat was cold & scared. yes, scared. not of the ghosts or goblins; but of the people so willing to give him free candy. yea, not sure where he came from.) we headed over to my parents for a lovely fall dinner. squash soup, cabbage soup, pumpkin biscuits, cajun cornbread, cheddar chive bread, apple pear salad, cocktail meatballs, caramel toffee apple dip, sparkling grape juice, and fresh homemade donuts. so delish.


  1. i recently heard your reason for not blogging regularly... ;)

    vword: reester

  2. i'd have blown off trick or treating for that spread, too.

    i spent saturday night with an old-fashioned girl, a zebra, a cow, and a baby who couldn't breathe because it was so windy. we stuck it out to the bitter end then went home for mac and cheese and monsters vs. aliens. awesome.

  3. Welcome back to blogging, lady!

    Missed you!

    I think your costumes are adorable! I would have recognized them right away.

    See you soon!

  4. maaaaaaaand! i missed your blogs.
    i love the windy photos! linc's tie blowing in the wind - haaa!

  5. They are SO cute! Thanks for putting up photos. I was DYING to see them. Really good job! I totally know who they are. Sounds like a super yummy halloween feast at mom and dads! Can't wait to have a yummy feat with you guys at Thanksgiving!

    v word: unted

  6. Great Costumes. Unfortunately We didn't get any of Tate in his Elvis costume b/c we were at a Halloween Wedding. Sounds like Linc's pretty darn good at the "Stranger Danger." haha



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