Thursday, September 10, 2009

the tenth commandment...

is sometimes hard to keep when you see dreamy things like this.

this guy can pretty much give his entire house to me. sigh. trying hard not to break the the 10th commandment.

i have been looking for some time for a super cute vintage dish pattern to collect. my big seester has some pretty rad ones. i didn't think i would ever find one i would swoon over, and now i've found three!!! (that's one exclamation point for each dish, that's how exciting this is!)

my top 3 - in no particular order...(drumroll please)

(all photos from here - edited by me)

wheeeeeeeee!!! vintage dishes make me giddy!

ps - so, so sick of wiping the snotty noses!!! (that's one exclamation point for every snotty nose i'm wiping)


  1. lovely lovely lovely! if i find one of these patterns i can't promise i wouldn't keep it.
    perhaps you could collect the del mar in honor of a special mar you know...

  2. haa...i told mom earlier that maybe you should collect that since it's mar!!

  3. ooh, I like the del mar, too.

    and let's see...
    Lincoln -1
    Malacai -2
    you? -3

    (I figured you weren't wiping Mike's nose for him. ha ha.)

    We have a runny nose in our house too right now... but I totally expect that number to climb. ugh.

    Happy wiping!

  4. Pretty pattern! Sheesh, what is it with these colds? We're all infected here...ughh.

  5. I will put Steve on the look-out for you... We just collected a whole set of someone's pattern that we are going to give for Christmas...Fun Fun Fun

  6. I want to read cute stories of things Linc and Cai are saying...



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