Wednesday, September 9, 2009

happy 6th on the 6th

(i realize this is a few days late...i'm a busy girl)

on the 6th, michael and i celebrated our 6th anniversary.
2,190 days of wedded bliss.
6 reasons i love him:

he is selfless.

he makes me tea...every.single.night.
and will give me a back rub anytime i ask.
and that is just fantastic.

he is an amazing dad. never tiring of being with them. playing with them. he is so incredibly helpful. and they just adore their daddy, which says so much.

he's cute. enough said.

he makes me laugh all the time. i love funny people. i love that my boy is a funny person. i love to laugh. especially with my michael.

he makes me feel cherished.



  1. happy anniversary lovey doves!!

  2. so cute! happy [belated] anniversary!

    & manda: my word verification is "pierise" :)

  3. Happy anniversary! You two are very sweet.

  4. so sweet. what a darling post :0)

  5. Aww. Happy Anniversary! PS-Could he perhaps encourage Bob in terms of those spontaneous back rubs??



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