Saturday, August 22, 2009

have you been?

i've been meaning to post on caitlin's vintage boutique for months. you NEED to go check it out. it's now in batavia on ellicott street. right near south side deli (they have delish subs by the way...and cannolis!).

she has amazing vintage clothes at great prices (as in cheap!!). and a super cute children's section. and lots of jewelery, shoes and accessories. and awesome furniture. and antiques too.

this weekend (yesterday & today), she's doing a 70's themed special. there's even going to be a book signing there today....fannnccy! so if you're headed out to batavia's summer in the city, you should go check out calista miakoda too! and if you hurry you might get some of the best ever hippie sugar cookies!!

just please don't buy anything that i'm thinking about buying, okay?

here's some pictures to entice you in. (and to show you my photoshop skills i've been working on).


  1. i really like shot #7!

  2. me + you.
    shopping date.
    this week.

  3. you have the mad photoshop skillz.

  4. awesome! can't wait to check it out. um and YOU ARE AWESOME. please see my blog post that is dedicated to Y-O-U!!!

  5. Ooh, ooh. I saw that cute little ride-on horse. Can you give me the inside scoop on its availability and price? Amelia's birthday is less than a month away and she loves "neighs"!

  6. wow what a cool shop i will have to come see it




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