Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dresser it up

my michael is the best at finding free things alongside the road. or at getting great steals at garage sales. one of his most recent finds - for free - was a dresser that malacai was in great need of. all it needed was a little paint and some new hardware. total cost for us: about $30.

i didn't get a great "before" shot because mike was so anxious to get this project done for me. i walked out onto the porch one morning and there it was, done. i just happened to have this one that i took with my phone while we were trying to figure out whether to paint it or strip it & stain it. (lately i've wanted everything painted, so paint we did).

the bottom drawers weren't in when i took this, they had ugly plastic hardware on them. the top drawers actually had nice white old porcelain knobs, but we couldn't find any to match. plus i don't think the white on white would have worked.




  1. beautiful! great job, mike!

  2. i love when people call their spouses my (first name). So nice.

  3. looks wonderful!! i love it !

  4. Awesome! (Can I give Mike a list of things I'm looking for just in case he spots something? just joking.)


  5. he is a gifted roadside finder. lovey love the after photo! snazzy.

  6. The dresser has 2 smiley faces

  7. Love this dresser! Also love that your husband was "so anxious to get this project done" for you--what a good find he was!



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