Thursday, August 20, 2009


i HATE heat. hot weather and i just do not mix well. and lately it's been so hot & humid that you break a sweat just breathing. ughhh...bring me back the coolness of july!!

i just cannot function when it's above 80 degrees. i want to lay down and cry. (how i lived in florida for a year is beyond me). i can essentially blame my parents for my heat-coping issues. for one, they are responsible for the genes which don't allow my body to cool down properly. (yea, i don't really sweat. just enough to give me a nice "glow" and a shiny face. real nice. deodorant...i just use it cause it smells good, and honestly, a lot times i just don't use it all, well, because i don't need to.) and secondly, i grew up with central air. it never got above 72 degrees in our house. (70 if mom was out of town!)

so there you have it. me whining and complaining on my blog.

and as someone who has spent the better part of two summers nursing, one of these would have been so nice. kookles nursing cover giveaway! i can remember sweltering under blankets while nursing. so i want to win this. because i still haven't decided if two kids is enough, so maybe i'll need it in the future? or maybe i'll have a nice gift to give to someone like this. (mctoria - you should so do this giveaway!)


  1. I'm with you on the heat hate.

  2. Manda,
    I don't really like the heat, either! And the humidity... my hair is soooo frizzy! Ugh.

    Looking forward to a crisp, cool fall!


    P.S. - I never mentioned to you that I went to Caitlyn's store earlier this summer... and found the most perfect tablecloth - just what I was looking for! For a great price! I was delighted...



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