Wednesday, July 15, 2009

necco baby

one of the things i'll always remember from childhood vacations with the hempel's (that would be my mom's sister, aunt jan, uncle stuey and their 4 kiddos), is uncle stuey with necco wafers. he always had a pack on him, usually in his shirt pocket. while driving, he would toss necco's from his station wagon into ours.
[oh yes, our families rocked station wagons big time. even better though, we had CB radios ("brown to blue, come in blue")! made for some very fun road trips. and some very annoyed truck drivers.]
back to the necco's: besides throwing them from car to car, there was even a contest to see who could suck on their necco for the most miles. it ended up being some ridiculous amount of miles and probably uncle stuey winning. (anyone remember??)
malacai recently had his very first taste of a necco, given to him by uncle stuey of course.

other than being a little disappointed at not receiving his thrown from a window while driving 70 miles an hour down the highway, he enjoyed every last lick!


  1. How are you doing, Manda?? Haven't seen ya in a while! Malacai is such a cutie... those pictures are adorable. I love family vacation stories! Our family contest was putting butter cookies (you know, the flower shaped ones with holes in the middle?) on your finger and eating, and seeing who could get the smallest "ring" without breaking it. Fun times. Just think what our own families might come up with!!

  2. "I have the coolest daughter-in-law" A Quote by that same daughter-in-law.

  3. Correction... AJ and Uncle Stuey would never have been going 70 mph. Yes, I'm sure Stuey was the winner. Very determined contestant!



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