Monday, June 8, 2009

see linc read

lincoln recognized his first written word. what was it you ask? cat, dog, mom, dad perhaps? no. it was wegmans. last friday (june 5th for baby book recording that will never be done), the boys were munching on raisins while i was fixing their oatmeal. lincoln was studying the canister of raisins and mentioning the different things on it and then pointed out wegmans and oh so casually mentioned that it was the name of the store. i would think that should qualify us for free groceries for a year or something, wouldn't you? and maybe if the first word he writes is wegmans we could get free groceries for life!

today i saw something i've never seen before. my husband, skate boarding. all throughout dinner lincoln kept talking about going outside and seeing daddy's skateboard. (i didn't even know daddy had a skateboard). and sure enough, after dinner, while i was at the sink doing dishes, i see daddy whizz by on his skateboard. hm.

big plans for tonight are watching bachelorette (blame the big sis for getting me hooked on raunchy tv) and finally, finally cleaning out my closet.

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