Wednesday, June 17, 2009

happy birthday mini me

lincoln's third birthday was this past saturday. he actually got to have a birthday weekend since the party was on sunday.

saturday morning linc woke up to balloons and donuts. what could be better? auntie marmo will be horrified to know that cai was playing with a balloon and bit it and popped it! (and for anyone that is going to lecture me on the danger of children & balloons, i know about it. we supervised them while they bit them, okay?!)
we then took our tractor-lovin'-farmer-wanna-be birthday boy to the noblehurst farms. a family from our church owns this huge farm and they kindly offered the boys a tour.

they were both in their glory getting to climb in and on every big truck and tractor in site!

they got to drive one of the tractors around for a bit. linc actually wouldn't get on it (when it was running) until cai had tested it out first. the scaredy-cat big brother.
linc was also pretty terrified of the cows too. (the kid is seriously scared of everything). cai would have gotten into the pen with the cows if we had let him.
how could you be scared of this cute, cozy calf?!
i loved the tour of the dairy farm. i have never seen cows being milked before...and how fun, they get to ride a merry-go-round! i think they have around 1500 cows. there was some pretty nifty high-tech gadgets on this dairy farm.
and linc wanted to end the day with french fries. he was pretty excited to get chocolate milk. but nothing beat the new tractor he got from "mr. oble" as linc calls him.
sunday morning started out with some 4 wheeling. cait borrowed one as a birthday surprise for linc.

and then a birthday party with the family. linc with great-gramma, checking out the new toy.
i'm not sure what my mom is trying to encourage by getting her grandson tee shirts like these.

cait found the cute vintage train cake topper at a garage sale for 10 cents! and we enjoyed a scrumptious red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake! (made by yours truly)!
linc's 90 year old great-grampa wishes him a happy birthday on the harmonica. i wish i had got the whole thing on video. and grams is singing cute!

uncle jo-jo gave linc a guitar for his birthday. he loves it!! when do the lessons start jojo??


  1. 1. i love that i had 9 new messages in my inbox - and 7 were your comments. :)
    2. awesome pics!!
    3. i can not believe how "old" lincoln is looking!
    4. "zoidodus" is my word.

  2. cute mand! so sad i couldn't be there...

  3. looks like a fun b-day for the little man. i like your new profile pic, cute!

  4. linc= cow tipper in training! i love it :)



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