Tuesday, June 9, 2009

comparison stinks

that's what my mom used to tell us. and she's right. except i'm going to do one right now.

before you know it, the little brother is going to be bigger than the big brother. i haven't weighed them in a couple of months, but i would guess they pretty much weigh the same right now. they both win for giant heads though. just like their mamma!

malacai's numbers are on the left, lincoln on the right. (if you click on the picture it'll make it bigger...)

we were at the doctor's office today (malacai has a double ear infection...poor little moose) and after the nurse walked out of the room, linc asked where the boy went. he always calls everyone a boy. so i tried to explain how there are boys and girls. "mommy is a girl. caitie is a girl. lincoln is a boy. malacai is a boy.". then he asked, "what's daddy?" i said, "daddy's a boy". and linc said, "no, he's michael mcgrath. and a girl.". haaa!! love it!


  1. haaa! linco so funny. he gets that from his auntie marmo.



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