Friday, June 26, 2009


the other morning, lincoln was balking at the idea of us walking. (teehee). here's how our conversation went:

me: linc we need to go for a walk
linc: i don't want to
m: mommy needs to go on a walk. i need to get strong.
l: are you little and tiny?
m: no...mommy's a little bit chubby.
l: you need to chub-down?

i love him so! he makes me laugh every day.


i had my court date earlier this week. i showed up. officer v. did not. he sent replacement officer. replacement officer would not dismiss my charges as officer v. had promised. i tried. and tried. no budging. so i had a choice, come back and go through all of it again or pay for a "reduced" ticket - parking violation. i really hate those kind of things. i get nervous. really nervous. and stressed out. so i played wuss, and payed a fine. i keep going back and forth on the whole thing. glad it's done and over with. wishing i had fought harder.
my hubby thinks that no matter what, i would have ended up having to pay some kind of fine. so that makes me feel better.


off to syracuse for the weekend.

1 comment:

  1. that linco must get his good looks AND sense of humor from auntie marmo. love it. i need to go on a few more walks and chub down a little.



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