Friday, June 26, 2009


the other morning, lincoln was balking at the idea of us walking. (teehee). here's how our conversation went:

me: linc we need to go for a walk
linc: i don't want to
m: mommy needs to go on a walk. i need to get strong.
l: are you little and tiny?
m: no...mommy's a little bit chubby.
l: you need to chub-down?

i love him so! he makes me laugh every day.


i had my court date earlier this week. i showed up. officer v. did not. he sent replacement officer. replacement officer would not dismiss my charges as officer v. had promised. i tried. and tried. no budging. so i had a choice, come back and go through all of it again or pay for a "reduced" ticket - parking violation. i really hate those kind of things. i get nervous. really nervous. and stressed out. so i played wuss, and payed a fine. i keep going back and forth on the whole thing. glad it's done and over with. wishing i had fought harder.
my hubby thinks that no matter what, i would have ended up having to pay some kind of fine. so that makes me feel better.


off to syracuse for the weekend.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy pappy's day

i love my daddy. he has always been there for us kiddos. he leads by example. he loves jesus, he loves his family, he loves life. he is strong. he is caring. he is fun. he is a superb grandpa.

from my dad i learned that most important in life, is to love and serve jesus. to love and take care of your family. to work hard. to be organized. to laugh often. to never spend more on your credit card than you can pay each month. that if you're too rambunctious in the car, you might get your heads knocked together. that life is not fair, and it's no carnival either. that you need a little bit of ice cream every day.

i am blessed by my dad. love you pops!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

happy birthday mini me

lincoln's third birthday was this past saturday. he actually got to have a birthday weekend since the party was on sunday.

saturday morning linc woke up to balloons and donuts. what could be better? auntie marmo will be horrified to know that cai was playing with a balloon and bit it and popped it! (and for anyone that is going to lecture me on the danger of children & balloons, i know about it. we supervised them while they bit them, okay?!)
we then took our tractor-lovin'-farmer-wanna-be birthday boy to the noblehurst farms. a family from our church owns this huge farm and they kindly offered the boys a tour.

they were both in their glory getting to climb in and on every big truck and tractor in site!

they got to drive one of the tractors around for a bit. linc actually wouldn't get on it (when it was running) until cai had tested it out first. the scaredy-cat big brother.
linc was also pretty terrified of the cows too. (the kid is seriously scared of everything). cai would have gotten into the pen with the cows if we had let him.
how could you be scared of this cute, cozy calf?!
i loved the tour of the dairy farm. i have never seen cows being milked before...and how fun, they get to ride a merry-go-round! i think they have around 1500 cows. there was some pretty nifty high-tech gadgets on this dairy farm.
and linc wanted to end the day with french fries. he was pretty excited to get chocolate milk. but nothing beat the new tractor he got from "mr. oble" as linc calls him.
sunday morning started out with some 4 wheeling. cait borrowed one as a birthday surprise for linc.

and then a birthday party with the family. linc with great-gramma, checking out the new toy.
i'm not sure what my mom is trying to encourage by getting her grandson tee shirts like these.

cait found the cute vintage train cake topper at a garage sale for 10 cents! and we enjoyed a scrumptious red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake! (made by yours truly)!
linc's 90 year old great-grampa wishes him a happy birthday on the harmonica. i wish i had got the whole thing on video. and grams is singing cute!

uncle jo-jo gave linc a guitar for his birthday. he loves it!! when do the lessons start jojo??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

comparison stinks

that's what my mom used to tell us. and she's right. except i'm going to do one right now.

before you know it, the little brother is going to be bigger than the big brother. i haven't weighed them in a couple of months, but i would guess they pretty much weigh the same right now. they both win for giant heads though. just like their mamma!

malacai's numbers are on the left, lincoln on the right. (if you click on the picture it'll make it bigger...)

we were at the doctor's office today (malacai has a double ear infection...poor little moose) and after the nurse walked out of the room, linc asked where the boy went. he always calls everyone a boy. so i tried to explain how there are boys and girls. "mommy is a girl. caitie is a girl. lincoln is a boy. malacai is a boy.". then he asked, "what's daddy?" i said, "daddy's a boy". and linc said, "no, he's michael mcgrath. and a girl.". haaa!! love it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

see linc read

lincoln recognized his first written word. what was it you ask? cat, dog, mom, dad perhaps? no. it was wegmans. last friday (june 5th for baby book recording that will never be done), the boys were munching on raisins while i was fixing their oatmeal. lincoln was studying the canister of raisins and mentioning the different things on it and then pointed out wegmans and oh so casually mentioned that it was the name of the store. i would think that should qualify us for free groceries for a year or something, wouldn't you? and maybe if the first word he writes is wegmans we could get free groceries for life!

today i saw something i've never seen before. my husband, skate boarding. all throughout dinner lincoln kept talking about going outside and seeing daddy's skateboard. (i didn't even know daddy had a skateboard). and sure enough, after dinner, while i was at the sink doing dishes, i see daddy whizz by on his skateboard. hm.

big plans for tonight are watching bachelorette (blame the big sis for getting me hooked on raunchy tv) and finally, finally cleaning out my closet.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

happy birthday mountain man

photo stolen from here

you're the one that i love


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