Thursday, May 28, 2009


i have a kidney stone. it hurts. a lot. i spent a lot of my time in the er today. and throwing up. and i still feel like throwing up. the pain...not so bad with all the drugs. (i really am a stoner). not a good time to get a kidney stone, 3 days before conference. (not that anytime is a good time). i think i'm going to go to bed now. and possibly throw up.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i do exist, i do

i'm baaaack. from the land of no-blogging. my 10-hours-a-week job turned into a gazillion-hours-a-week job. and will remain that way till june 2nd. high-five for conferences. i haven't even really been reading blogs (my reader is telling me i have 1,000+ unread...); so if you find a comment from me on a post from 3 weeks ago...i'm playing catch-up.

random thoughts/tales:
  • i am glad for the nice warm weather. however, what is with this wind??! every day it's above 60º out, it's incredibly windy. and my house - 100 times windier than the rest of western new york.
  • last night while driving home from the grocery store, lincoln pipes up from the backseat, "daddy look at mommy. mommy looks cute". haaa!!! love it. no idea where that came from. and once he realized how much of a kick mommy got out of that, we heard "mommy looks cute" for the rest of the drive home. (with one "daddy looks cute" thrown in for good measure).
  • i'm thinking about sawing my right foot off because of all the issues it's been having lately.
  • my kitchen smells delish right now because i stole some lilacs from my parents new house. (shhh...don't tell). cannot wait to move and plant lots of my own (er, have my mom plant. me=no green thumb). and get chickens.
  • malacai has wicked diaper rash. the doctor called in a prescription strength cream for him and told us to put a mixture of destin and maalox on it inbetween prescribed cream uses. say what?! maalox on the bum? ever heard of that?
  • and while we're talking about my kid's still refuses to poop on the potty. he just waits till nap time/bed time when he gets a diaper on, and then he'll go. (and if we don't use the diaper, he'll hold it in. forever. and then we're all miserable).
  • we flew out to minnesota 2 weeks ago to go to my nephew's wedding and while checking in at the airline counter, the lady asked, "are you over 18?". um, yea, thanks. i swear i could wander into a prom and no one would question me.
  • i'm not sure i'm going to be able to make it through the summer with all this hair on my head. or all this chub on my bod. wish getting rid of that was as easy as a haircut!
  • i forgot to mention this from back when i got my fabulous tickets...the next morning, my handy hubby went out to change my broken brake light and it was working. and still is working. just fine. so i basically got 2 made up tickets. cool. see you in court.


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