Sunday, April 19, 2009

walking and talking

okay, so it's been like forever since i posted. i'm not sure what happened to my good posting phase. i have some good excuses though. like being sick. and the boys being sick. and planning for, baking for, and pulling off the perfect surprise party for justin. and starting a cake decorating class. and becoming obsessed with finding perfect cake recipes.
i uploaded these videos a couple of weeks ago and am just now finally getting around to posting them. except now they aren't as exciting because they're old news. but still cute, so that's why you get to see them.

this one is malacai taking some of his first steps. (he's now walking quite well - if not a bit frankenstein-ish).

and this one is cai saying his "official" first word. he of course said all of his sounds, mama, dada, but didn't know what they meant. he does however say "uh-oh" and knows what it means because he says it when he drops something on the floor, but my mom thought it didn't count as a first word because it was more of a sound than a word. but i thought it counted. what do you think?


  1. super cute videos!
    I think uh-oh counts because he knows what it means.
    Although birdie is a lot more effort to say.
    he's going to be like Uncle Andy when he grows up and LOVE birds and want more and more and more and more feeders :)

    Love you!

  2. ha!
    birdie is his 1st word...i love it.
    uh-oh is in wikipedia, so it is definitely legit. and fyi: it's one of few words in the english language pronounced with a glottal stop.



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