Sunday, April 26, 2009

hunting eggs

my cousins hosted an easter egg hunt at the beginning of the month. the boys, er maybe i should just say lincoln, had lots of fun. (cai mostly did).

some highlights:
  • my cousin dressed up like the easter bunny. love that he was willing to do this. i'm not sure i could ever convince mike to do that.
  • malacai was a bit traumatized by mommy leaving him unattended in the hay pile with a giant bunny.
  • lincoln further traumatized cai by throwing hay on him.
  • lincoln ate, and ate, and ate jelly bean after jelly bean.
  • i made some pretty snazzy bunny cupcakes that mike "forgot" to take pictures of. (i even won a prize for them!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a brush with the law

can you guess what happened to me yesterday? yes, that's right, i got ticketed. me. driving my soccer-mom-mini-van. with my two babies in the back. (who, by the way, barely made a peep during the whole ordeal...why, oh why, can't you have screaming kids when you need them? they'll save that for nap time.) i haven't been pulled over in about 10 years. (i think the last time was with you sarah kue, in whereinsamhillarewe, indiana. on our way to cornerstone. for which, i'd like to add, i did not get a ticket. because who gets a ticket for going 69 in a 65? (which i think is pretty much what i told the officer) "cera, wake up, i'm getting pulled over and i didn't do anything wrong").
so what heinous crime did i commit yesterday? apparently, i may or may not have stopped completely at a (so not needed) stop sign and i had a brake light out. i for the record did stop completely. i may not have sat there for a half hour to contemplate the unneccessariness of this stop sign, but i stopped, looked left, looked right - saw the sheriff sitting down the road, and then continued on. who would not stop at a stop sign if they saw a sheriff??!
when he came up to the van and asked me if i knew why i was being pulled over (why, oh why do they always ask this question??) i told him no and he said, "they have us checking here to make sure people are completely stopping at the signs" and direct quote, "you pretty much did that so i'm not going to harp on you about that but your driver's side brake light is out". and he has to write me up a ticket for that. but when he comes back, he has 2 tickets, one for the brake light and one for failing to stop at a stop sign. um, whatever happened to not harping on me about the stop that i did do?? he then reassures me that it's not a big deal though, because unofficially he's telling me to plead not guilty, go to court, and he, as the proscecuter, will most likely be able to get both dismissed. well why are we even wasting our time getting the ticket then?? i am now a firm believer in the gotta-get-their-quota-in theory. (i've never personally know an officer, so i've never been able to ask if they really have a certain number of tickets they are supposed to get in. but i've heard that theory. and it sounds good. if you know, let me know).
so now, in all my free time that i have, i get to schedule in a court appearance. cool.
and for the record, he was on the nicer side. just not that nice or he wouldn't have written any tickets.
and for the record, i did not cry. until i pulled away and called my husband. i was just all nervous, intimated and wanting to cry. just like i'll be at court. so it'll be horrible.
and for the record, i did wonder if i should reach back and pinch malacai to make him start crying to try and gain sympathy.
and for the record, there was no pinching.
the end.

Monday, April 20, 2009

this one is funny

i have to post another video because i think it's funny. please do not think i am turning my blog into a vlog. (is that a real thing?...yes it is, i just googled it. rats, i thought i was on to something and was going to make millions. someone is always two steps ahead of me). anyhow, this is from cai's birthday. keep your eye on lincoln in this video. i wish the filmer (won't mention any names. oops, there's a link there? not sure how that happened) of this video had stayed zoomed out so we could have seen lincoln during the whole thing, but still is a great video anyhow. love that kiddo!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

walking and talking

okay, so it's been like forever since i posted. i'm not sure what happened to my good posting phase. i have some good excuses though. like being sick. and the boys being sick. and planning for, baking for, and pulling off the perfect surprise party for justin. and starting a cake decorating class. and becoming obsessed with finding perfect cake recipes.
i uploaded these videos a couple of weeks ago and am just now finally getting around to posting them. except now they aren't as exciting because they're old news. but still cute, so that's why you get to see them.

this one is malacai taking some of his first steps. (he's now walking quite well - if not a bit frankenstein-ish).

and this one is cai saying his "official" first word. he of course said all of his sounds, mama, dada, but didn't know what they meant. he does however say "uh-oh" and knows what it means because he says it when he drops something on the floor, but my mom thought it didn't count as a first word because it was more of a sound than a word. but i thought it counted. what do you think?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

taste of florida

cait went to florida recently and she brought home some yummy, fresh florida strawberries! so we got to have this:

and it was good!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

we've got news!!!

oh yea, and happy april fool's day!!

booya! teehee...i so funny!


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