Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a st. patty's party

every year, aunt jan throws lots & lots of amazing parties. with lots & lots of yummy food. being irish by marriage, i guess i have to claim the st. patrick's day party as my favorite. we have corned beef & cabbage at this party, and i actually do like this. (for my dish though, i just stuck with the green theme and brought guacamole - what every good irish woman eats, right?).
a few highlights from this year's party:

when mom was unloading her dishes she accidently dropped part of her jello shamrock into the green punch...love lyndsay in this pic!

this is why i love aj's parties...the small touches every where -
cabbage-wrapped silverware!

my sweet irish baby

could not get the two of them to cooperate for the picture...
hoodies are from marmo & jojo from their trip to ireland!

sweet, sweet tater-tot

linc helping aunt jan out with the desserts
(his plate is piled with candy, of course)

1 comment:

  1. ..lovey love the pic of gingers!
    ..lovey love my irish boys. want to eat them up.
    ..lovey love the sweet tates.
    ..lovey love Y.O.U.



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